Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 2016 Travel Diary

Hello Philippines! It's so good to be back after 6 days of being in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). This was actually a business trip but of course we wanted to treat ourselves and squeeze in a bit of leisure and shopping. Today, I'm sharing some of the photos that I was able to take during my … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall

As summer draws to a close and fall looms on the horizon, it's time to consider your autumn wardrobe. Fuzzy sweaters and chic jackets are always fun, but a savvy fashionista knows how to make her wardrobe stretch across the seasons. Here are a few ways to make your summer wardrobe work for chilly … [Read more...]

Current Favorites: Lipsticks | #HappyNationalLipstickDay

In lieu of National Lipstick Day last July 29, I'm here today to share my current favorite lipsticks. It's been a while since I last did a blog post AND a video so I think it's the perfect excuse for me to stop lazing around and make an updated one. In no particular order, here are my current … [Read more...]

Swish Breath Spray #SayItWithSwish

Even though I work from home, my social life is pretty out there. I love to travel and so I'm constantly in the need to speak to people and of course the people whom I'm traveling with. Regardless if I ate something that will give me a bad breath or not, I'm still mindful of my oral … [Read more...]