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Prom Series: Plus Size Prom Dresses

plus size prom dresses

As a plus size girl, I know it is very hard to look for clothes. Usually, when shopping for clothes, you have to consider three things: 1. Does it complement my body shape? 2. Does it complement … [Read more...]

Prom Series: Prom Ball Gowns


Third part of my Prom Series posts for this year will be all about prom ball gowns. Of course I'd have to include this type of gown since I am pretty sure that every girl’s goal is to be the prom … [Read more...]

Inked! What Design I Got + Tattoo FAQs

tattoo faqs

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, promoting tattooing as a beauty trend nor do I encourage my readers (especially to my young readers) to get a tattoo. This post is to merely share my experience, an … [Read more...]

Prom Series: Short Prom Dresses

short prom dresses

Hello lovely readers! I am back again for another Prom Series post and today I will be sharing my top 3 choices for short prom dresses. Again, these are all from a website called … [Read more...]

Pin It! Wednesdays: Dos and Don’ts in Clean Eating

clean eating

I'm sure almost everyone's 2015 Resolution is to start living healthy but let's be honest, it's hard having a healthy lifestyle especially if you're used to eating processed foods, driving by in … [Read more...]