These past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on filling my heart and space with much more love and light. In turn, I’ve found that embracing new positive habits instantly changed my life for the better. Today, I want to share these awesome and achievable positive habits that transformed my life into a happier, healthier, love-filled space, and hopefully inspire you to reclaim more love and light into your lives as well. Start small, stay consistent, and you’ll soon see and feel the change, too.

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15 Positive Habits That Transformed My Life

  1. Make the conscious choice to focus on the small wins every day, and the lessons learned from the failures.
  3. Get outside, even for 5 minutes.
  4. Cleanse my spiritual space of toxic energy – letting go of people who have failed to support me with love and encouragement (filling our interactions with negativity instead). This is a big one that I have really focused on lately, as I’ve realized friendships and relationships change and we shouldn’t hold on just because of history. And since focusing on this, I have felt so much lighter and happier.
  5. LAUGH more. Laugh often.
  6. Travel, near or far, to new places. Immerse myself and expand my heart and mind in the process.
  7. Nourish my body with food that makes me feel my best.
  9. Live in the NOW. Focus on being present and connected in every situation.
  10. Instead of asking myself “why is this happening to me?”, I’ve changed it to “what is this situation teaching me?”.
  11. Turn fear and intimidation into life-changing opportunities.
  12. SING! In the car, in the shower, when I’m working late at night, and anywhere else in between.
  13. Live life in color.
  14. LAUGH more. Laugh often.
  15. Drink more water and drink less alcohol.

What are some positive habits you want to practice more of this week? What are your positive habits that have shaped your life for the better? Share them with us in the comments! I’d love to hear them all. ❤️

Here’s to more positive habits and more love in our hearts.

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