Thank goodness 2019 is finally over in just a couple of days! This year has been a struggle, and I know it’s not just me who can attest to this. It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote a heartfelt and personal post on here so please bear with me as I try to collect my thoughts throughout this post as I am writing this on a whiff.

2019 was the year that I learned a lot. It tested my patience, my faith in God, relationships, and friendship. It was the year that a lot of things were revealed to me. It was also the year that I lost those whom I love.

april perez 2019 year end post

As 2020 comes in, I’m hoping for a promising year that will provide better opportunities! In order for me to truly make the incoming new year better than the last, it’s likely that I will need to let some shit go.

I’m sharing with you all the things I’ll be letting go before 2020. Hopefully, this will also help you move forward and welcome the new year with a fresh start!

Things To Let Go Of Before 2020

  1. Breakups, heartbreaks, etc. – Regardless if it’s a breakup with your friends or your significant other, leave the negative memories of your breakups in the past where they belong. Bring only the positive memories and the lessons you’ve learned.
  2. Mistakes – Forgive yourself and don’t let your mistakes in the past overshadow your future.
  3. Superficial People – Meaningful friendships and relationships require substance. Leave the shallow and glittered-up airheads in the past; they’re a waste of time.
  4. The people who mistreated and/or used you.
  5. The idea that you have to have everything figured out by now – It took me a while to realized this. My parents always gave me the ideal age and a checklist for when I need to achieve things; career, house, etc. Things are different now in our generation and we must prioritize things we want to prioritize rather than following a checklist.
  6. Other people’s criticism and judgment – This is my life and my goals. If you’re not here to support me, then please consider yourself ignored.
  7. Negative Self-Talk – I’ve always been hard on myself because I always set standards to prove things. I’ve also been good at talking badly to myself whether it’s about my physical appearance, my (lack of) achievements or even my mental health; it’s getting out of hand.
  8. Procrastinate less
  9. Feeling guilty for prioritizing myself – 2019 was the year that my mental health became worse than ever. It was the year that I completely forgot to take care of myself because I was too busy being a “mom” to other people.
  10. The need to be in control – Stress happens when you feel like you’re not in control. The hard truth is that you’re not in control of most things in your life. You can rarely predict how the next chapter of your life will play out, so avoid wasting your energy on trying to control everything. Accept that you cannot control the circumstances of your life, but you CAN control your reactions to the circumstances.

WHAT ARE YOU LETTING GO OF FOR NEXT YEAR? I’d love to hear what your goals are for next year and what you plan to let go of before 2020 rolls around. Leave a comment below with your thoughts! View my previous year-ender posts here.

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