Day-to-day clothing can get boring fast. Whether it is professional clothes for the office or casual clothing for school and weekends, changing up the look will allow you to get more from the wardrobe. Very few people have the time or the resources to constantly buy new outfits when getting sick of the existing ones.

Being Fashionable on a Budget

Instead of changing the clothing, add new accessories for some color, patterns, or style. Slacks and blouses for work, for example, can only be mixed and matched so many times. Make an impression with a splash of color in the way of a new scarf, vest, or belt.

Jewelry is another way to alter the look of an old outfit. A brooch, a new watch, or a nice pendant necklace will capture attention and make the outfit appear bright and new. High-quality and trendy jewelry can be purchased from newer designers without costing a small fortune.



The pendant style of jewelry is one of the oldest forms of decoration for the body. A pendant in terms of a necklace is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry that is typically attached to a necklace by a small loop at the top. The first sample of pre-historic jewelry found was an amulet hanging off some sort of chain. The theory is that it was used to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer.

Another example of pendants is ancient Celtic ones made of twisted metal that date back to the Bronze age which was approximately from 1800-1500 BC. Pendants and necklaces of any kind were worn as a sign of distinction that signified wealth and social status for centuries. These designs could be hung off silver or gold chains, ribbons, or woven plants or fabric.


The trendy style today is wearing several necklaces at once or layering them based on size and length. This concept was also popular in the second and third centuries to denote the class of a person. The more necklaces worn reflected the higher classes in society. Peasants and commoners rarely wore jewelry in the past because they could not afford it.

The practice of layering today is a matter of preference. Once jewelry could be mass-produced with cheaper materials, everyone began to wear it. Everyday jewelry is referred to as costume jewelry opposed to fine jewelry which is still made of precious materials and gemstones.

Mix and Match

Some necklaces are sold as part of a set. The set can include earrings, bracelets, additional pendants, or all of those. This makes matching the jewelry easy and stress-free. Mixing and matching different types of jewelry for everyday wear is not difficult even without items in sets.

Be creative and let jewelry communicate something about you. It can be conservative when professionalism is needed and big and bold with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Wear one necklace when feeling subdued or introverted and layer when feeling fun-loving and a bit wild.

Accessories will make clothing appear fresh and new long after it has been purchased. Try the latest styles in purses, hats, and jackets. Collect some old-fashioned pins at craft fairs and yard sales to place on lapels, scarves, or handbag straps.

Have fun with it and let the imagination be your guide. Never settle for boring when accessories are so varied and inexpensive. Do not forget about hair accessories to draw the eyes up when people notice you walking into the office, mall, grocery store, or lecture hall.

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