While taking pride in maintaining a gorgeous garden can be rewarding, it can understandably present challenges for any homeowner. When these issues arise, they can be overwhelming, especially if you have dedicated a lot of time working on your outdoor area. However, many garden problems can be easily confronted with efficient solutions, perseverance, and a green thumb that is willing to learn.

how to take care of your garden

Vegetable garden pests

Pests can be a difficult menace if you own a vegetable garden, but you can at least take action to prevent an attack on your crops. The secret lies in arming yourself with barriers, attracting beneficial wildlife, and working strategically to avoid common pests. It’s also important to make sure that your crops are as healthy as possible by following good cultivation practices, such as watering soil in dry weather, keeping plants regularly weeded, and adding organic fertilisers.

Overgrown vegetation and trees

Vegetation and trees that are wildly overgrown can turn a well-kept garden into an unattractive one, and they can also act as deterrents for attracting any budding wildlife. Overgrown trees can cause light blockage issues, and can even begin to overhang into your neighbour’s garden or onto the road or pavement, so it is ideal to get these safely cut down by services such as tree removal Sydney.

Uneven terrain

Unfortunately, not all gardens feature smooth flat ground that is easy to manage. However, there are many landscaping possibilities available for uneven terrain, where you can creatively work with the existing terrain or level out uneven spots and steep slopes. After drawing up a visual plan, you can add soil to uneven ground, create multiple level surfaces for seating or planting areas, or even build a staircase on higher sloping areas to create the illusion of a larger, open garden.

Lack of Garden Privacy

However small or overlooked your garden is, you can create cosy private corners through the help of innovative and modern ideas. Screen panels can make a great addition to any outdoor space and can distinguish your garden to look personalised and unique to others. Similarly to screen panels, contemporary roof elements such as pergola or gazebos will allow your outdoor space to become more secluded, especially if you have upper windows overlooking your garden, and can act as a great distraction to any onlookers.

Not enough Sunlight

Your outdoor space should be an area where you can unwind in the company of the warming sun. Though you can’t change the orientation of your home, there are other fun DIY ways to achieve more sunlight exposure for the benefit of both yourself and your plants. Painting surfaces white such as sheds, pergolas and arches will reflect and diffuse light, which can greatly help to brighten up your outdoor space and nurture any nearby plants. Likewise, choosing paths with warmer colours that avoid darker tones can reflect the sunlight. Additionally, you can try adding contemporary mirror features to your garden or installing water features such as an artificial pond or a fountain to help distribute more light.

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