Men are considered to be more aggressive and risk-taking sex compared to women. They are more prone to emotional problems because of this, but it also helps with most of the careers that are male-oriented. These kinds of jobs may be very open to women now compared to the previous decades or centuries, but these are still male-dominated career paths. For example, construction, mining, and all other “rough” and “manly” jobs that are only meant for those with heavy testosterone. However, these fields are an advantage to men because they are stronger than women on average physically. Learn more about this here.

This might also be the reason the death rate for males is higher than females. Most males are into more physical jobs, which would mean more injuries. It doesn’t help that there are more men in law enforcement, sports, and related fields. These are the areas where injuries are so commonplace sometimes they ignore it and move on. Most men are stubborn enough to not admit that they really need help until the situation worsens. This is why it is important to have something that would protect you every time.

In most jobs, people would always wear PPE or personal protective equipment. These are all the things that you need to protect yourself in every aspect of the job. Generally, there are several types of PPEs including which we grouped according to parts:

Head Protection

These are the most common ones as this includes one of the most vital parts of the human body. It is also the most vulnerable during any kind of accident. Protective headgear includes respiratory like gas masks, plugs for hearing, and goggles for eyesight. For the actual head, we have all seen people wearing hard hats in any construction site. There are also other types of helmets and caps depending on the risk in the working area.

Body and Skin Protection

Most of the time, this type of protection is for more dangerous jobs like working on heights and toxic environments. This is why full-body protection is needed so that the workers would be protected as much as possible. There are harnesses and other items that mitigate a fall. These are all in tandem with other types of PPE as well. For full-body, there are hazmat suits if you are working in a nuclear facility. If the danger is already too much to handle, it should be a prerogative to have full body protection.

Hand and Foot

These are for the lower extremities also known as the ones people forget the most. It can since these are also the parts they would always be a risk even at the mundane of working places. There is something that you will step on or hold and it can be rather dangerous. This is why gloves are very important as well as work boots. You might not know where you are going or what you are doing in mining or construction areas.

work boots for men

This is why it is very important to have quality footwear in your working place. Most people underestimate the risk because they believe that their own footwear is already enough. However, there are a lot of risks that people just don’t realize until they step on it. Nails and broken glass do not feel fun embedded on your foot and toes so you need to have good gear to help you protect yourself. Companies like Ever Boots Corporation have been manufacturing them for years and most of them are available online.

Here are five qualities that a good pair of work boots or steel toe shoes should have:

1. Durability

A quality pair of work boots should handle the many hazards of the workplace. There are so many kinds of hazards that most work boots and steel toe shoes are classified according to them. There are those shoes that can be worn for lighter and heavy-duty industries. It is important to assess the risks first before choosing the shoes that you need for work. This would determine what kind of protection you need as well. It should be noted that there are most work boots have symbols in them that indicates what kind of risk can this par protect you from. Here are some of them on this link:

2. Wearability

Another important aspect of good working boots is wearability. While durable, it should also be comfortable to wear. We have experienced all kinds of work shoes that are too heavy even though it offers a lot of protection. It is important that you can still run while wearing these shoes. It might protect your foot but it won’t stop something from falling on your head. You should be able to wear it for a long time as well.

3. Waterproof

There are a lot of workplaces that deal with water so it is important that your working boots should be waterproof as well. Aside from leaving a bad smell, a wet pair of work boots can be damaged by the water. There are also a lot of risk factors when wading through murky or unclean water so having waterproof or even water-resistant shoes should be important.

4. Slip Resistance

Another important aspect of a good working shoe is it prevents you from slipping. Most accidents happen this way, and you might not be aware of where you are falling. It is important that you can walk securely in the working areas so that injuries and casualties can be minimized.

5. Terrain Specific

Most working shoes can be very flexible in many environments. However, there are some places that need to have a specific type of gear. While assessing for safety, it is also crucial to see what kind of terrain you are working in. The climate in the area also plays a role in what kind of work boots you should have, so it would be best to choose the ones that can be effective in your workplace.

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