We all know that self-care is essential, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to achieve. Leading a busy lifestyle can be stressful, and being stressed lends itself well to developing bad habits. Forging good habits takes trial and error, but once you get into a routine things become a whole lot easier. To help you on the journey to a self-care supercharge, these apps have all that you need.

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1 . Reflectly

Journalling is widely used as a way to store memories, set goals and reflect on stressful life issues. This app arrives in the form of an ‘intelligent journal’ which uses AI to help you give clarity and structure to your thoughts. The idea behind this digital journal is to help you find more positivity in your day-to-day, plus cope with negative thoughts. This app uses a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychology, and mindfulness to help you to reach your true potential.

2. Tangerine

Tangerine is a great app that tracks your mood and habits. With this app, you’ll get on top of your personal goals in no time at all. Psychology tells us that an organized regime can help us add structure and clarity to a haphazard or chaotic life. Tangerine helps you to select the different activities which you want to prioritize in your life. Whether it’s mediation, pilates, or eating more vegetables, Tangerine helps you to stay on track. With Tangerine is easy to monitor your self-care productivity and build up those good habits over time.

3. Calm

Those looking for some great meditation and breathing exercises can access up to 16 via Calm for free. You’ll also find calming soundtracks such as waterfalls or soothing forest noises which can help you to relax when you begin to feel stressed. Calm offers many programs which can help users to ease anxiety and deal with tension. On the paid program, you’ll find calm sessions covering a wide range of topics, from self-love and nurture to sleeping habits or emotional eating.

4. Shine

Shine is an excellent self-improvement app which can help you to develop across a wide range of areas. You’ll gain tips on everything from positive affirmations to mindfulness or productivity. Shine also provides you with daily motivational messages to help you stay on a positive track. You’ll help yourself to express more gratitude, supercharge your self-care and more. One of the greatest things about the Shine app is that it features an online community that you can use to access support or support others on their self-care journey.


Happy is an app that helps you to collect the happy experiences in your life, plus work through your problems by journalling and exercises. One of the great features of HAPPY is that you can chat anonymously with individuals who are in the same boat as you, whether you are struggling from anxiety or depression. A mental health community like this is an excellent support resource for those who are struggling.

While self-care apps are great, they are, of course, no substitute for face-to-face therapy. Whether it’s couples therapy to keep your relationship healthy, or cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety issues, Bluesky Psychology offers a top range of services. Be sure to check out the website should you require more information.

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