Moving is a major life event. Whether you move locally or internationally, it’s an extremely tedious process that can take a toll on yourself. However, relocating doesn’t have to be notoriously stressful. After all, there are some essential ways to lessen the amount of work needed and make the transition a bit faster and smoother.

Continue reading this article to learn these five essential tips for making your first move a great success.

house move tips

1. Use a moving spreadsheet

It’s essential to stay organized throughout the moving process. To do that, you need a moving spreadsheet to keep track of all the things that need to be accomplished. Your spreadsheet, for instance, should include the inventories to be sorted by category and room and all other pre-moving tasks. Remember, having a spreadsheet can help you ensure you’ll not miss anything during the moving day.

2. Enlist professional help

Of course, one of the crucial things you can do to minimize the stress of moving is to seek help from a moving company for possible assistance. By hiring professionals, you can leave some tasks to them, reducing the amount of time and energy you’ll deal with a chaotic process. Typically, most moving companies offer full-service services to help you with the logistics side of your first relocation. So, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from them, especially for those truly consuming tasks such as packing and unpacking.

3. Declutter

Moving for the first time is never easy. If you want to pack less, walk around your house and check all the stuff you no longer need or use. Make sure to sort these items out into three categories, namely junk, donate, and recycle. Refrain from packing everything, so you’ll save time for the other tasks that matter. With your piles ready, start getting rid of them by throwing away the trash, recycling out, and dropping off your donations. Do the decluttering process as early as possible to avoid chaos on the day of your move.

house move tips

4. Make use of packing hacks

It’s common knowledge that packing can be the most challenging part of moving. At some point, you may even need some packing hacks to make sure you’ll get the job done correctly. If you want to save time and energy while ensuring the protection of your belongings, below are the things you can make use of when it comes to packing:

  • Gather appropriate packing supplies before you pack. These materials may include durable moving boxes, tapes, cutters, markers, sheets, and bubble wraps.
  • Pack your things by room. If it’s not possible, you can start the process with the essentials and then the non-essential ones.
  • Wrap fragile items like glasses and kitchen wares using linens, towels, and other soft items. These materials will provide cushioning and an added layer of protection while your belongings are in transit. Secure these things with tape before loading them up into the moving truck.
  • Follow a strategic labeling system, such as color-coding boxes. Get a sheet of different colored stickers and designate a color for each room. By doing it, you can quickly identify the boxes that need to go somewhere.
  • Take photographs of the contents so you’ll have an idea what you can find in each moving box. Remember, your memory may sometimes fail, which is why taking pictures of the box contents is truly helpful.

5. Prepare some overnight bags

When moving for the first time, you don’t know what to bring to survive your first night in your new home. It’s, therefore, essential to put together overnight bags. That way, you don’t have to sift through each box trying to look for your underwear, chargers, or toiletries. Before the moving day, prepare essentials bags which include a few clothes, medications, and other necessary items. Also, be sure to keep these bags separate from other stuff.

april perez jek balingasa house moving tips

Here is a very old photo of me and Jek when we first moved into our new home! Hence, our very old hair styles hahaha!


There you have it. These are the tips that can help make your move a great success. By following these moving hacks, you’ll find out that your first relocation will not be as bad as you expect it to be. Regardless of the type of your move, working with experienced movers can also be a great help.