When it comes to self-care it’s important to prioritize every aspect, from the mental to the physical. Those looking for a few tips to boost their oral health would be well advised to check out these five simple tips.

1. Regular check-ups

The most crucial thing to remember when it comes to your oral health is to book regular check-ups with your dentist. You should visit your dentist at least twice a year, though you may require more regular visits if you have problems with your teeth. Many make the mistake of only booking a dentist check-up when they have a problem, yet it’s important to go regardless of how your teeth look and feel. This is because underlying issues can often take a little while to show symptoms. Teeth problems are best caught early to protect your oral health ongoing.

2. Mindful eating & drinking

To take perfect care of your oral health, it’s vital to eat and drink with your teeth in mind. You should limit your intake of sugary foods where you can because sugar transforms into acid which harms enamel. Fruits with a high acidity content can also contribute to this damage as can sodas, coffee or teas. To keep your teeth healthy be sure to consume calcium-rich foods such as fortified soy, cheese, yogurt or milk. It’s also a good idea to eat eggs or fish because these contain phosphorus, which helps to keep your teeth strong.

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3. Don’t forget to floss

We all know that we must brush our teeth twice a day, but many of us forget to floss. When you floss you’ll get to those areas between the teeth, cleaning out the spaces which can’t be cleaned via brushing alone. To eliminate plaque, reduce inflammation and give your gums some healthy stimulation, flossing is a must.

4. Plenty of water

Water is the best thing to drink to keep your oral hygiene top notch. It’s a good idea to drink water after each meal. Doing so will help to protect your teeth between brushes, by washing away the foods and drinks that you consume throughout the day. Water doesn’t have to be a boring beverage if you’re looking for some way to spice up your eight glasses a day, try the Infused Water app. Here you’ll find plenty of tasty infused water recipes from cucumber lemon and mint to blueberry and lavender.

5. The right toothpaste

Choosing the right toothpaste is an essential part of your oral health. For the best protection, you’ll want to choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Beyond this, individuals with sensitive teeth may want to shop for a gentle toothpaste, for example
Sensodyne Pronamel. According to The Strategist Cali White Activated Charcoal toothpaste is a top choice this year. Charcoal activated toothpaste is all the rage right now and they work wonders at removing stains!

Invest in a good electric toothbrush and when using manual brushes, be sure to replace them at least every three months. With all these tips, you’ll be sure to have the perfect smile and boost your self-confidence.

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