The life of a dog owner is plenty of fun, yet there’s always lots to do. Whether you need help training your dog, or you’re looking for pet-friendly hotels, these apps can support you to improve your dog’s lifestyle.

1. Bring Fido

Bring Fido is an application that helps dog parents to find attractions, hotels, and restaurants that are dog friendly. Whether you’re looking for a cafe, or a dog park Bring Fido has all the best dog spots near you. App users can filter hotels using rating, price, distance, or popularity. Once you’ve found a hotel that’s to your liking you can book it directly in the app. Need extra help? Simply reach out to the Bring Fido ‘pet travel experts’. There’s also an option to leave reviews, share picks, and chat with fellow dog lovers. With all the best dog-friendly places, you’ll have better dog days out.

2 . Petamiko

No matter how much you love your pet, you’ve got lots of other commitments. Whether it’s work or social commitments, it’s not uncommon for pets to get a bit lonely. If your pet is sad, with no one to play with, Petamiko can help. Petamiko can support you to find a furry friend for your pet, whether it’s companionship or mating services. All you have to do is create a profile, and the app helps you to search eligible profiles nearby.

Once you’ve found a good match for your pet, you can chat with the owner directly, and arrange a pet playdate.

3. All Trails

If you love hiking, and you’re always keen to bring your dog along, All Trails is the perfect app for you. Here you can explore 100,000 + curated trails in your area, plus access reviews and maps. There are plenty of specific dog-friendly trails, so you can choose a hike that’s perfect for both you and your pooch. The application can also help users to find biking trails or running trails if they prefer. As well as ‘dog-friendly’ filters, you can filter trails according to your level of hiking experience. Further features include:

  • Activity tracker via GPS
  • Viewing your hiking stats
  • Share your adventures with the community

4. iKibble

Dogs love leftover human food, but it’s important to know which types of foods are safe for your dog. Lots of the foods we eat can be toxic for dogs, so it’s vital to be in the know. The iKibble app allows you to check which foods are dog safe. The application has info on hundreds of food types and a simple inbuilt search filter. You can also access a health rating for each food, and get lots of nutritional tips. To keep your dog nice and healthy, iKibble is an excellent resource. When your dog has the best diet, you’ll also find that their mental health improves too.

5. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

The iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is an app designed to support you with your dog training. At times, a high-frequency whistle is useful to get your dog’s attention (when your dog isn’t listening to your voice)! You can use this clicker as a cue, or to reinforce positive behavior. It’s handy to steer your dog clear of distractions, and you can choose 50+ different sound effects. When you’re choosing a new dog you might prefer to choose a dog that’s already trained? For some beautifully trained labrador dogs, check out Lucky Labs now.


6. Bark Happy

Bark Happy is a dog-loving community, and a location-based app, here you can search for dog-friendly places and activities, to get the most out of your neighborhood. The interactive map is simple to use, and you can search for the pet amenities around your town. First up, you’ve got to create your doggie profile, you can see the other dogs nearby, and invite them for a doggie playdate.

One of the best features of the app is the ‘lost and found alerts’, where you can report dogs that are lost, interact with users, share information. Using the Bark Happy app you keep dogs safe in your area.

7. Pet First Aid App

The Pet First Aid app was designed by the Red Cross, it offers plenty of veterinary advice, supporting you to keep your dog healthy. Here you’ll find a fabulous range of content, including quizzes, videos, and guides. With Pet First Aid, you can get advice on administering medication, or support in emergency situations. The application also gives plenty of behavioral tips, to support your dog training. You can get in touch with dog-friendly hotels, or vet services, all inside the app. For extra peace of mind, you need the Pet First Aid app.


8. Dog Buddy

Dog Buddy is the perfect app for dog owners, here you can track every aspect of your dog’s health, including vaccination, vet trips, medications, weight, and more. You can record milestones, learn about first aid, and even add pictures. A few of the top features include:

  • Write your doggie diary
  • Edit vet contact info
  • Create vaccine reminders
  • Store photographs
  • Emergency tips
  • Supports iPad and iPhone

With a handy app like this, you’ll get extra peace of mind, and keep on top of your dog’s health.

9. Wag

Wag is a fantastic dog services app, offering services in vet care, pet sitting and dog walking. There are plenty of cool features to take advantage of, including:

  • Vet consultations from home, directly from the app
  • Connect with certified dog walkers in your area
  • Pet-sitting services for when you are away from home
  • All Pet Caregivers go through extensive background checks
  • 25/7 support available from the app
  • Services are covered by home liability insurance

It can be stressful when you know your dog needs a walk but you just don’t have time! You also might not like to leave your dog alone during the day time. To keep your stresses at bay, the Wag app is the perfect tool.

Whether it’s training a puppy or first aid support, these resources have got plenty of education to keep you in the know.

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