It’s a weird feeling, but it’s not really an uncommon one. When we first move into a home, we might be blinded by our love of it for a while. However, on that first night, first week, or even first month there, it can feel like we’re a little less enthusiastic and even a little concerned. The home can feel alien, unnatural, and unlike us. It takes a little time to acclimate to the new environment, but we’re going to share a few tips that can make it a lot easier and a lot quicker.

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Don’t be shy with your style

This is one piece of advice that you’re going to hear a lot when it comes to addressing any move, but the truth is that giving your home a bit of your own personality is the single best step to addressing the fact that it doesn’t really feel “you.” If it doesn’t feel you, then you have to add a little you. Aside from adding decor that fits your tastes, add things that make you interact with the environment more, like indoor plants that you have to actually tend to. It can help you build a connection with the space around it. So too can personal effects like photo walls and pieces of art that you really like.

Make it less of a hassle to get in

For one, the sooner that you get yourself established and comfort in the home, the better. Unpacking and having all of your familiar comforts around you will help a lot with the process of acclimating. However, you should also consider that first impressions matter a lot. If moving day is a stressful, hectic day then you’re going to have residual feelings of that attached to the house for a while. Get everything packed in advance, and consider having a removalist do the bulk of the work for you. Moving day is always going to feel like there’s a little pressure to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be the most stressful day of your life as many people might tell you.

Throw a housewarming parties

As mentioned, how we feel, be it about an environment or a certain time of our life is shaped by the impressions we make there. If you want to make the new home a lot more positive, then take the time to celebrate the home in the home. Throw a housewarming party, get all of your friends around, and build some memories that you’re going to cherish. The sooner you do it, the better, as it can make the home feel a lot less cold and alien, and can attach some strong feelings of fondness to those four walls, instead.

With a little preparation and a little work, it won’t be too hard to remember what you loved about the home when you were first looking at it. Banish any sentiments of negativity that might be hanging on and create a space that feels perfectly suited to you.april perez signature