The Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world the essence of good personal hygiene? After more than 10 months of creating fear and panic, the Coronavirus disease has taken the lives of over one million people worldwide (and still counting). While some governments have begun easing movement restrictions, it is even more critical to take measures to protect yourself and prevent the further spread of the virus. Here are the four best ways to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Practice Social Distancing: Avoid Overcrowding

Even before the Coronavirus burst onto the scenes, overcrowding has always been an unhealthy lifestyle. Since Covid-19 is a highly communicable disease, you are advised to practice social-distancing, which means stay at least 6 ft away from people. The deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads faster in overcrowded places.

For those whose risk of developing life-threatening complications from the virus are much higher, it’s critical to avoid unnecessary travel/movement to busy places where people gather – particularly as the infection rates are still skyrocketing in most countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that people with underlying health issues such as asthma, heart diseases, and diabetes – easily succumb to the virus. As you stay safe in lockdown, create room for fresh air to circulate through your home.

Practice Good Hand-Hygiene

The W.H.O recommends people to regularly wash their hands with soap under running water. You are also encouraged to use hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol to disinfect your hands regularly. Avoid the tendency to touch your nose, eyes, and mouth. The reason is that contaminated hands can easily spread the virus to the above areas of your body. And from there, it can infect your system. The beauty and personal care industry worldwide has responded strongly to the new demands of the pandemic by donating masks, publishing disinfection protocol online, and rapidly increasing its production of sanitizers without drastically changing the price.

Disinfect Your Workplace

It’s important to periodically disinfect your workspaces, offices, and its components. As you work and receive visitors over some time, viruses often accumulate on surfaces. Disinfection is the best way to kill and get rid of the build-up of germs. Clean your floors and disinfect your desks and other hard surfaces once a while. If you are running a business organization, you may want to prioritize the safety of your workers by routinely disinfecting doorknobs, computer keyboards, and other contact points with anti-bacterial soaps.


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Wear Your Mask

Mask up when you are stepping out for a walk to public places such as grocery stores. Wearing of nose masks may already be mandatory in your region. To avoid exposing yourself and others to the Covid-19 virus, always put on your masks when you must go out. Cloth face masks may help minimize your risks of exposure to the virus. However, do not force kids below the age of 2 years who have breathing difficulties to put on a mask. Use tissue paper to cover up your nose and mouth sneezing in public. You may also sneeze into your elbow when there is no tissue available.

The bottom line is that the coronavirus is still active in many parts of the world. Therefore, stay safe by observing the above safety protocols.

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