Ever since I moved back to Bulacan with Jek, I’ve been bugging her to look for a Halal-restaurant near our place – specifically Indian food. It’s my ultimate comfort food and I’ve been meaning to introduce her to Indian cuisine as well. Finally, the search is over! Let me share with you our thoughts about Biryani House, an authentic Indian restaurant in Bulacan!

biryani house food review

Biryani House is owned by an Indian-Filipino couple. The restaurant is fairly small and is set up in front of the house of the owners. I’ve had zero expectations as I haven’t heard much about this restaurant, only the posts I’ve seen through their Facebook page.

I chose the food for us and got the usual dishes I always order.

What we got

Of course, I got us a couple of roti. Also known as chapati, it is a round flatbread made from stoneground wholemeal flour. 

Fact: for those who don’t know, Naan and Roti are 2 different things. Naan is traditionally made from all-purpose flour and is leavened. On the other hand, roti is made from wheat flour and is not leavened. 

indian restuarant pulilan

Next dish I got for us, which BTW I have been craving for so long, is lamb curry. As the name implies, it has lamb meat that’s been slow cooked with yogurt and traditional Indian warm spices. 

lamb curry

I also got us my favorite butter chicken. The last time I had a decent Makhan murg was in Vietnam (read my review about Natraj Indian Cuisine Restaurant) and I’m really HAPPY Biryani House’s butter chicken tastes divine! 

indian butter chicken

Lastly, who could forget about Chicken Biryani – a highly aromatic and well-seasoned one-pot dish originally that has the perfect balance of chicken meat, rice, and veggies that’s going to excite and linger on your taste buds. 

chicken biryani

Taste and Value for Money

Our total bill summed up to P1,052 ($21.04) which, to be honest, is really cheap considering the food we just ordered. I was really surprised at how each food item costs really cheap! Not to mention, the generous serving it has.

Here’s a break down of everything:

  • Roti – P29/each
  • Lamb curry – P349
  • Chicken Biryani – P199
  • Butter chicken – P219
  • Mango lassi – P199
  • Water – P50

Check out their menu below:

biryani house menu biryani house menu biryani house menu

Final Verdict

I can’t believe the search for the best Indian restaurant near my place is finally over! Apart from it being affordable, the taste and serving for each dish is what made us give this restaurant 5-stars. Never mind the presentation, that’s how Indian food is. 

Overall, Jek and I were satisfied. We’ll definitely come back for more!

Biryani House Indian Restaurant
Address: #21 National Road, Pulilan, Bulacan
Phone: 0933 172 7144
Hours: 9:00am – 8:00pm

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