Dating in the new normal is possible! Finally, after months of being locked in our homes because of this pandemic, we’re finally able to go out and have a few hours of relaxation.

Tucked within a sloping terrain that overlooks a river, Burrow Café is a dreamy coffee shop and restaurant located in Antipolo.

The Surprise Entrance

Getting to the café is an adventure unto itself, and it’s totally worth it!

In order to get to the café itself, you must follow a path down a series of steps going underground to a door. After you see what seems to be Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, a secluded haven awaits on the other side.

burrow cafe antipolo

Image Source: Burrow’s Café

Rustic-Chic Interior

The overall style of the café is a feast for the senses; mirroring the beauty that surrounds it. The very foundation of this café follows the natural contour of the land. Its materials reflect that of nature – raw and rustic.

Gastronomic Experience

I made reservations a month prior to our visit and to make sure we’re able to get the food we really wanted to try, we ordered in advance as well. This is also to avoid the long wait. I’ve seen others wait for as long as 40 minutes so we wanted to make sure our food gets served as soon as we arrive.

For starters, we had the Pumpin Soup with Bacon Jam Toast (P270.00). Its warm savory taste complements well the sweet and tarty taste of the bacon jam generously spread on toasted sourdough bread.
We then ordered the Sourdough Italian Sausage Pizza (P680.00). The sourdough base was perfect. The toppings were generous and it had the perfect balance of spice from the meat and earthy savory taste from the sauce and herbs.
burrow cafe pumpkin soup
burrow cafe sourdough pizza

I ordered Jek their bestseller – the Tender Beef Tapa (P320). It uses Japanese yakiniku-style beef served with garlic rice and 2 perfect sunny-side-up eggs. The beef tapa has an imperceptible taste that wavers between sweet and salty.  The meat, being tender as it is, melts in your mouth before you’ve quite captured it. Eating it with a spoonful of garlic rice enhances the flavor.

burrow cafe beef tapa

As for me, I got the Penne Bolognese (P350.00). A hearty meal filled with lean ground beef, perfect earthy and savory taste from the herbs and tomato-based sauce, served with sourdough toasted bread on the side.

burrow cafe penne bolognese

The Menu

The cafe serves a breakfast and lunch menu that boasts an excellent local flavor. Their menu is ever-evolving because of their rooted concept of “enhancing creativity”. 

burrow cafe menu
burrow cafe menu

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. They accept cash, card, and Gcash payments. Although it’s still best to bring cash just in case their terminal encounters issues.
  2. Burrow Cafe will hold your reservation for 15 minutes only. Once this has elapsed, the table will be given to others (unless advised).
  3. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes. There are about 47 narrow steps down so wearing comfortable shoes is a must!
  4. Walk-ins are welcome, though seats are not guaranteed.
  5. Prepare P20.00 payable to the village guard.
burrow cafe antipolo


Visiting Burrow Café during this time of the year has been such a treat to us! Its picturesque ambiance is a sanctuary that hugs you with nourishment, grounds you with nature then sends you back on your way out into the world. 

We can’t wait to visit again to try other dishes their offering while unwinding in a fresh environment over good food.

Burrow Café
Address: 113 Beverly Hills Ave., Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo City
Hours: W-Th-F 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM / Sat-Su 8:00 AM -5:00 PM

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burrow cafe

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