Among kids, adults, and especially among teenagers, there has always been some hidden competition in who has more expensive clothes, whose hair is better, who has the best shoes, etc. The goal of wearing uniforms is to eliminate these differences and to make everyone equal at school or work.

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Similarities and Differences between School and Corporate Uniforms

There are similarities between the two types of attire, and they are mostly reflected in the fact that both have the same purpose – to respect the institution you are in. Whether you are dressed in a standardized uniform or a suit that follows specific rules, places where you wear them require you not to stand out or offend others by your appearance.

The differences are apparent, and the biggest one seems to be that corporate attire is not only uniforms but a suggested way of dressing. While the term school wear means a complete outfit or part of an outfit that is mandatory, corporate attire rules usually require that your appearance complies with a specific dress code.

It means that you can put on personal clothing to work, but it must be neat, discreet, and professional. After all, you represent that institution where you study or work. By adding the right details that express your style, you can still be you even though you wear the same wardrobe as the others.

Add Some Uniqueness to School Attire

The need for standing out is not so pronounced in elementary school students. But for most high school seniors, there is some hidden revolt against uniforms. They think that clothing is the best way to express themselves. So they feel restrained by being in standardized clothes most of the time.

The fact that hundreds of others walk dressed the same way they do can be degrading for teens, especially girls. They probably don’t know that successful people wear the same outfit (not clothes) every day; about that, you can read here.

You can be unique and trendy while still following the rules. The first thing to do after you get the uniform is to visit a tailor. Not everyone has the same body shape, which means that designated outfits will not fit everyone the same way. Even the standardized sizes can differ. Schools generally allow for some minor repairs, so that students feel comfortable in the clothes they wear most of the time.

Details Are Everything

Wearing a uniform can be a base that you can upgrade with details. The freedom to add accessories to standardized attire depends on how strict the school rules are. If you have a complete set (jacket/sweater, shirt, sweater, pants/skirt), you can personalize it with jewelry, scarf, unusual hairstyles (if rules allow), socks, and even footwear (if not part of the set).

If the school requires you just to wear a jacket or vest like models seen on, the choice is much broader. You shouldn’t wear provocative clothing, visible brands, or bold prints and signs. Play safe and opt for a shirt of unusual design, cute earrings, or a trendy watch. Do something unusual with the hair, and voila – you already stand out.

Create Unique Business Look

Depending on where you work and in what position, having an actual uniform may not be necessary for you. Standardized attire is reserved for lower ranks, while in managerial positions, any business suit is ‘uniform.’ But this doesn’t mean you have all the freedom to wear whatever you want.

For example, some companies may require you to wear suits of a specific color that indicate the brand and corporate identity. In order not to completely fuse with the mass, it is essential to pay attention to the details. Proper accessories can attract more attention than clothes.

The lady should stand out with the right jewelry or shoes. Although not a permanent part of the outfit, the attractive design bag will also complete your look. Hair accessories and scarf will do too. If you wear the ‘real’ uniform and you’re always on the move, some trendy sneakers will make a difference.

Men who put on uniforms or have a specific business dress code are advised to add a watch or unusual leather bracelet to their outfit. Both can look pretty powerful. If the shirts are part of your everyday outfit, you can put on some nice cufflinks, or opt for a tie of a slightly bolder pattern.

If we are forced to wear the same wardrobe, it doesn’t mean we cannot personalize it. The point of uniforms is not in losing uniqueness and style, but not to stand out too much. By properly combining the allowed accessories, even a monotonous school or strictly business look can be attractive and stylish.

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