I LOVE CAKE! Who doesn’t? When Delish Cheesecake Cafe Malolos and I got into contact, I was so stoked because I’m gonna have a cheat day that my health coach has no choice but to approve of because it’s for the blog #SorryNotSorry! I was especially excited to taste different flavors of cheesecakes because they’re one of my favorite desserts to make when I was growing up.

Today, Jek and I are going to share our experience and what we think about Delish Cheesecake Cafe in Malolos, Bulacan. Are their cheesecakes really delish? Let’s find out!

delish cheesecake cafe


The café has a very homey vibe to it. It’s very warm and inviting; the perfect place for you to hang out after work or to do your meetings at. According to the owners, they’re planning to do an interior redecorating as soon as they get a chance.

Food and Presentation

We were generously served with grilled cheese sandwich with chips on the side, plates of pasta, and cheesecake flavors of our choice.

Being a fan of Pesto Pasta and Carbonara, we opted to choose these to see how they compare with the other cafés in Malolos.

grilled cheese sandwich

First up, the Carbonara.

What we really loved about their Carbonara is how creamy it is and how generous they are in adding the toppings. It’s very flavorful and there’s absolutely no need for you to add salt nor extra Parmesan cheese.


Next up, the Pesto Pasta.

Joch, one of the owners, mentioned that the pesto sauce is a family recipe. And I can really tell that it’s homemade because the basil’s flavor really stands out. To bring out the flavors even more, add a dash of chili flakes and it’ll make such a huge difference!


The Cheesecakes

We decided to get the classic Blueberry Cheesecake and the Mango Cheesecake.

Side note: Jek is NOT a fan of cheesecakes because there’s something about the texture that she doesn’t like and she finds it too sweet and tangy.

When we tried the cheesecakes of Delish Cheesecake Café, best believe that Jek was eating bite after bite after bite to the point that I had to stop her just so I can have a taste for myself!

delish cheesecake cafe

There’s something about their cheesecake that’ll make you ask for more! The texture is just perfect – not too grainy nor too fluffy and light.

They also topped the cheesecakes with fresh blueberries and mangoes upon serving to make sure they do not oxidize and become stale.

[Not in photo] is the Queso de Bola Cheesecake. Joch generously gave us a slice to take home for us to enjoy while binge-watching our favorite Netflix series’. I initially thought this would be too salty as the Queso de Bola. To our surprise, this is officially our favorite cheesecake flavor! It’s not too overpowering and the density of the cake is just perfect.

delish cheesecake cafe malolos


Their food items, including the cakes, ranges from P65 – P200. Each plate has a generous serving and is guaranteed freshly cooked upon serving. Amongst other cafés that we’ve been to in Malolos, Delish Cheesecake Café is one of the few restaurants that gives you your money’s worth. Students and working class alike can definitely afford everything that’s on their menu.

delish cheesecake cafe malolos menu

delish cheesecake cafe malolos menu

delish cheesecake cafe malolos menu

delish cheesecake cafe malolos menu

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#BaryaPaMore Millionaire Mindset, Barya Starter Set

Jek would also like to thank Ms. Joch Punzalan, owner of Delish Cheesecake Cafe, for giving her a copy of her self-written and published book, #BaryaPaMore Millionaire Mindset, Barya Starter Set. In this book, Joch shares how she changed her life through barya and how you can potentially change yours too. Learn from her years of successes and struggles in saving up, managing, and growing barya; pick up tips as she details the hits and misses of her 

investment journey, and be inspired in leading a healthier financial life.

If your dreams are big but your budget is not, this book is for you! 

Grab a copy at the Delish Cheesecake Cafe!


Our visit to Delish Cheesecake Café is definitely a great one! They provide excellent customer service, their food is outstanding, and price is very affordable.

The only downside that we’re seeing is that they only operate until 06:00PM. So if you’re working the usual 9-5, better hurry if you would want to catch them open because it’s worth visiting!

Location/Space – ★★★★
Ambiance – ★★★★
Price – ★★★★★
Service – ★★★★★
Taste/Presentation – ★★★★★
OVERALL – ★★★★

Delish Cheesecake Café
Address: Mc Arthur Hiway Brgy. Dakila, Malolos, Bulacan (the same building as Paradise Hotel)
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 08:00 to 18:00

DISCLAIMER: The bloggers are not, in any way, affiliated with Delish Cheesecake Café. This review is written by the bloggers and are from their own words and is 100% unbiased. Taste is subjective and the bloggers’ experience may be different from yours. For questions on how we do our reviews, please refer to the DISCLOSURE POLICY

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