If you have some extra cash languishing in your savings account, why not take the plunge and try to make it work more aggressively for you? You don’t have to watch it wallowing in your account if you think you could see a more lucrative return on your investment. Before withdrawing your hard-earned cash, consider what you will do with it. Take a look at how you can craft your very own personalized investment portfolio that will see you spreading your risk and diversifying with an aim to making a profit.

investment portfolio


You might be keen to take a jaunt into the world of CFD trading so you can speculate on stocks, buy and sell commodities, and invest in cryptocurrencies without purchasing the physical asset. Instead, you by units and try to accrue profit by speculating on price movements.

Alternatively, you could go the whole hog and start trading yourself on a Forex or shares platform, although this does carry more risk. If you’ve never traded before, you must do some research so you understand the mechanism of the markets. Forex will allow you to trade in currencies, buying krona against the dollar and selling yuan against the pound. Or perhaps, you want to invest in some bitcoin. You need to be aware of the volatility of this market and be willing to take a gamble with your savings.


If you enjoy partaking in a glass of rose, red, or white at the weekends and you think of yourself as a sommelier in training, you might want to follow this passion and invest in some wine. This long term investment is a great hands-off, no effort sort of investment. You need to think about which labels and vineyards have produced some incredible vintages in the past twenty years. If you have a penchant for a 2005 rioja, purchase a few bottles and store it. Think of wine like art and antiques – the rarer it gets, the more sought after and valuable it becomes. After a decade or more, your wine could be worth a small fortune and you can cash in the profit.


Bricks and mortar have always been seen as a safe and low-risk long term asset. Think about investing some of your savings into a second pad. Always go for the worst house on the best street, carry out a scheme of works, and rent out the property. Do your sums and ensure that the rent you charge each month covers your home loan repayment. This means that your asset will pay for itself as you keep it for a decade or more. When you are happy with the property market forecast and you see a profit on the cards, sell up and enjoy topping up your nest egg.

By being diverse and maintaining a range of options in your investment portfolio, you can limit the amount of risk your take. Should one investment become a little less lucrative, another could balance this out.

Follow this guide and you could see your money working more aggressively for you.

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