As the leaves start to drop from the trees, and the nights start drawing in, it’s a sure sign that winter is on its way. Every season has their good and their bad bits. And, one of the not so great things about winter is that it makes driving difficult and even hazardous at times.

If you want to get the best from your winter driving experience, while making sure you are fully ready for the hardest driving of the year, here are some tips of some things that you really need to get done soon in getting your car ready for winter.

Check Your Tyres

One of the most important things that you need to think about in the winter is your tyres. When it is wet, or icy your stopping distance suddenly extends by up to ten times. The difference slowing down safely, and drifting on the road will come down to the amount of treat that you have on your tyres.

You should regularly check to see that you are still road legal, this will not only save you from getting a police fine, it will also potentially save your life. You should buy tyres before the thread wears past the safe legal limit, not before.

Get Your Car Serviced

When you take your car into a garage for a routine service, you will get your oil and filters changed. This will make sure that you are well topped up and that your engine will run smoothly. You should also get things like your radiator and battery looked at, as the colder months can cause problems for both of these things.

Change Your Wipers

There is never a time when you need your wipers more. They are right in front of us when we are driving, but so often we forget to check our wipers for signs of wear and tear. You should look at changing your windscreen wipers before the winter sets in. They are reasonably cheap and are very easy to swap.

Stock Up On Ice Clearing Products

It’s time to find your ice scraper and your de-icer and put them back in your car. Having the tools at hand to deal with your windscreen when it is frozen over is important, especially if you get frosted over when out and about.

You should also keep a spare pair of gloves in your car too as nobody enjoys scraping ice from the car with freezing cold bare hands.

Carry An Emergency Kit

You should look at creating an emergency kit in your car, especially during the winter months. You should include a blanket, some bottles of water, and a list of important contact numbers including your breakdown cover and insurance details. You should also carry a first aid kit;

Keep some extra clothes in your car. This will help if you ever get stuck somewhere in the cold, you will have extra layers on hand to help you warm up.