Nurses are far from being comfortable in their daily shifts. Their days are filled with endless checking of patient recovery, delivering medicines, consulting medical records, and a lot more. They are always standing, and they work from morning to night. For more information about this profession, please click here. Most of them even extend their hours from midnight until dawn if there are a lot of patients in the emergency rooms.

To reduce their stress and decrease their physical exertion, most nurses should have comfortable shoes. This is because, in the line of their work, the looks are not necessary. What matters is that the competency and the quick way they can deliver care to the people who need them.

Every nurse can testify that impractical and hard shoes are a nurse’s worst enemy. Anyone won’t be happy standing all day with uncomfortable footwear. It is painful, and the nurses might not be able to do their job correctly.

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Why Nurses Need Comfortable Footwear

  • They can maintain correct posture throughout the day
  • They can walk rapidly during emergencies
  • Allow the foot to walk its natural range
  • Prevents back, hips, ankles, and knee pain
  • Prevents injuries and accidents

Most nurses are required to have endurance and move with speed because they are involved in saving someone’s life. In an emergency, they should be able to walk speedily, especially if they are administering medicines or if surgeons ask them for surgical instruments. Because this is a physically exhausting and demanding profession, and inadequate footwear can significantly impact the quality of care that they give to their patients.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Footwear

The first factor that should be considered is the arch support. The arch on foot should be resting comfortably, whether one is running or walking.

The GoClove shoes should also be light. Many can move easier when they have light footwear. They increase the flexibility and the speed of the person who wears them. The exertion of force is also reduced, and this is important for those who have long night shifts.

With the factors mentioned above, three shoes are suitable for nurses. Here are some of them:

Slippers or Slip-On

These are the footwear that is easier to change into. These are common in operation rooms where sterility is a must. The protocol in any operation room is that no shoe that comes from the outside is allowed. This is why many nurses change every time they enter or exit the area.

Tennis or Sneakers

Many nurses who are assigned in the intensive care unit or emergency rooms are always busy accepting patients or taking care of them. This is why tennis shoes would make a great fit in these areas. The footwear is built for running or for people who are always on the go. They are also great at protecting the wearer so that they won’t slop. Another essential factor that they consider is that nurses are protected from blood or fluid spills while they are working in these areas.


This is the most popular shoes that most people in the medical industry wear. They are designed for ease and comfort. The front encloses the feet and protects them from spills. The back is an open area where the wearer can easily slip it on. They have straps at the end, which secures them even more.
Clogs are often roomy and comfortable. They are designed to be this way so that the area of the feet that take the most pressure will be cozy. As a result, most nurses won’t have to suffer from aching feet at the end of their shift. Read more about clogs here:

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With the right kind of footwear, the wearer will be able to do his job more comfortably. They improve efficiency in the workplace, and they prevent accidents and contamination, and a lot more. A nurse’s role is one of the most critical jobs in the world because they are saving lives every day. A patient’s life and recovery can depend on their care and their work. If they can get footwear that is durable and can withstand the pressure of their work, then this can make their work-life more manageable.

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