Cleaning the home is a task that some enjoy, and others tend to put off. We all like the results, yet some of us don’t love the process so much! Either way, it’s a task that we’ve just got to do. For many years now, there’s been some debate about the safety of traditional cleaning products. The toxic ingredients used can pollute our rivers and compromise our health when inhaled. Luckily, there are plenty of green-cleaning products out there, plus some DIY solutions you can adopt using natural ingredients.

Green Cleaning Products

1. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation offers a wide range of plant-based cleaning products, from laundry to dishwashing. The company believes that renewable ingredients help us contribute to a sustainable Earth, as opposed to petroleum-based products. Seventh Generation also uses recycled materials to create their packaging. The scents used in the cleaning products are made with essential oils or botanical extracts. Those looking for some green-cleaning solutions to keep their home looking great would be well advised to try Seventh Generation.

Green Cleaning Products

2. ECO

The ECO brand offers an excellent range of cleaning products made strictly from replenishable sources. ECO never tests on animals, and again they use plant-based materials to make their products. Some of their best selling products include a hypoallergenic dish soap (with a lovely grapefruit scent) and some ‘treeless paper towels.’ The company claims that producing ECOs in four carbon-neutral plants has helped them to keep their prices affordable. Eco has intended to dispel the idea that green-cleaning has to come with high prices!

3. Ecover

In 1979, Ecover was founded to offer people a solution to replace toxic cleaning products. Ecover reported that these traditional cleaning products were polluting water, damaging wildlife and causing harm to our bodies. Ecover created the first laundry detergent without the use of phosphate. Any plastic they use is derived from sugarcane as opposed to traditional plastics. They sell a wide range of products from household cleaning to personal care products.

4. Better Life

Better life was founded by two friends, Kevin Tibbs and Tim Barklage. Reportedly, the two fathers had been watching their toddlers play on the floor and had started to think about their children’s exposure to toxic cleaning products in the home. They sought (and succeeded) in creating a brand of non-toxic, plant-based, and Earth-friendly cleaners. Better Life never uses any ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, parabens, etc. They love to make products using coconut, corn, soap bark, and botanical extracts.

4. Puracy

Puracy is a family-owned company that worked to create a product safe for families, pets, and the environment. What’s more, Puracy ensured that their products would work better than traditional cleaning products. The products use ingredients such as Amylase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme that can breakdown starches and carbohydrates. Other ingredients include calcium chloride (a natural salt from limestone) and bergamot essential oil.

With many green-cleaning brands to choose from, ridding your home of toxins shouldn’t be a chore. Yet, if you’re looking to save money, there are plenty of DIY solutions you can try.

DIY Solutions

1. Lemons

Lemon is an age-old natural cleaning favorite plus your home will be smelling great in no time. Lemons contain acid, which is both antiseptic, antibacterial, and a great natural bleach. If you have stains on your kitchen surfaces, apply them with lemon and leave the juice to sit before you scrub it off. You can use the same tactic to remove any stains from your chopping boards. Lemon is also great at removing grease, so it can be an excellent one to scrub your oven and your hob. In your bathroom, you can use lemon to scrub the soap scum and also to refresh your drains.

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It’s vital to keep your kitchen sinks and floors free of food debris, or you might end up attracting pests. Regular cleaning should be enough to keep them at bay. Some pests, however, tend to wander inside whether there’s food around or not! With spiders, for instance, you may need to call in the experts for some spider control! This is particularly important if you live in a climate with dangerous spiders.

2. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a type of sodium bicarbonate and a naturally occurring substance. It’s great for cleaning because it’s a mild alkali that works to dissolve dirt, grease, and stains. It’s pure and non-toxic, so many prefer it to conventional household cleaning products. You don’t have to worry about using it around your kids and pets; they’ll come to no harm should it’s residue be left on any surfaces. Baking soda can be used to clean anything from tiles to bathtubs, plastics, or chrome. For stains on your carpet, mix some baking soda and white vinegar together. Scrub the solution into the stain and leave it for a few hours. Once the mix has worked it’s magic, vacuum the area. You can repeat the process more than once for tougher set stains.

3. White Vinegar

Vinegar’s high acidity content makes it one great cleaner! From kitchens to bathrooms or wooden cabinets, vinegar has got you covered. To clean your windows with vinegar, simply mix white vinegar with a little water and put the mix into a spray bottle. Be warned, natural stone surfaces don’t always work well with acidic cleaners, so it’s best to stick to a different green cleaning solution for these. Ensure to recycle any bottles that you use to prioritize a zero-waste lifestyle.

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils are another great non-toxic and natural way to clean your home. They have great cleaning properties, smell amazing, and can also be used for relaxation and aromatherapy. Tea tree oil can be used to fight germs, viruses, and bacteria. Simply mix with some warm water and use it to scrub those tough stains in your bathroom. You can also use it on your chrome surfaces to give them a lovely shine. Lavender oil is another great antibacterial oil to use for cleaning. The scent of lavender helps one to feel calm and relaxed, making it excellent to use around the house. Eucalyptus oil is a good choice to clean mold or mildew in your home, while Ylang-Ylang smells amazing and is said to boost your mood when inhaled.

5. Olive Oil

To give your home a nice shine and polish, raid your cupboards and use some olive oil. When it comes to wooden surfaces, there’s no need to use toxic polish to get them looking great. Simply add a small amount of olive oil to a cloth and get scrubbing!

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