If you know anything about fashion, you’ll know that retro only stays retro for so long. If the style was amazing in its time, it will have grounds to come back into fashion. If a fashion trend doesn’t really take off in its own era, i.e. when it is born, it won’t survive in the future no matter how many times it gets reincarnated. One style that has made a comeback this year is the 70s groove. During this time, hippies were setting the trends that everybody followed. It was an interesting time in fashion because, for perhaps the first time, country kids were setting the standard that the urban class followed. You saw people who lived out in rural areas, flock to music concerts wearing clothes that no one in the city had seen before. Suddenly, you had a new movement and it took off like a rocket. Now, in 2019 it’s back but with a slight twist.

The captivating patterns

If there’s one thing that we all remember or notice about the 70s groove style, it’s the amazing patterns. Some might even call them psychedelic patterns as of course, back in those days there was open substance consumption. However, the long draping skirts were the perfect canvas for these patterns to exist. The maxi dress style was born and since then, it’s been the dress for amazing geometric patterns. Usually, they are bright in color, they use offset shades and slightly dull tones. Even the brightest dresses are not using hyper neutrals such as pure white or bold grey. They can have a slight Wild West Mexican theme to them as they use block patterns to create triangles. However, there also seems to be some Native Indian styling incorporated in the skirt too.

The flower is back

Flowers were in abundance during the 70s. People were rolling around in the meadows, listening to artists like Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Although someone may have started this trend just to incorporate something from their surroundings, it quickly became popular among fashion designers. Ruffled cowboy floral blouses are back in fashion. They used to be worn with suede skirts but nowadays a floral blouse can be worn with dark blue denim jeans. Floral midi dresses are very popular and this year they have made a stunning comeback. The only difference is, rather than going barefoot like the hippies used to do, you can wear black heels or Roman sandals with such patterns.

Down the tunnel

The tunnel of love was a very popular concept in the 70s. It was partly describing experiences with certain substances and it was also about relationships. This kind of tie-dye dress from The Hippie House is the best way to express an affinity for this movement. It’s classic floral print and loose fit nature is exactly the kind of fashion that was popular in that era.

Not many fashion movements from 50 years ago can make a comeback but the groove child has. Focus on floral prints, captivating patterns, loose draped clothing, and eco-friendly accessories.

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