The very idea of what a business is and how it can be defined is changing and has been over the last two decades. Technology has certainly thrown a wrench into the works. For instance, someone providing content online, let’s say through YouTube, could use their platform to register a business and begin earning real capital. Online, freelance individuals can run a self-employed operation despite never having to leave their house. Sites such as Patreon and other crowdfunding applications allow for group donations and support to sustain people with something of value to share with a community.

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No longer do we need to only view Coca Cola or Virgin as great examples of businesses that function in modern society, although of course, they’re in no way irrelevant. This means that discussing and considering how sole traders can make the most of their business is a timely conversation that we need to continually have because more than ever people are unlocking the potential within their own fingertips and are defining themselves in this direction.

So, let’s have this conversation:

Correspondence Management

It can be hard to keep up with all of the physical and digital correspondence you may need to read and reply to each morning. This is especially true if you’d rather keep your enterprise contact information private to a degree, for instance in the case of running a business out of your home. With a Virtual HQ method of receiving and managing said communication, you can access these messages and important documents with care and rapidity, allowing you the best and most feasible middle ground that functions as an essential conduit.

Setting Up Your Suite

Setting up your business suite can be important, especially when it’s localized in one place. For instance, you may find that using G Suite, or Office 365 hosting platforms can help you manage the profiles of those in your organization, keep up with domains and the registration of your own valid email address, as well as generally offering a more competent and confident file security and cloud hosting platform. This can give you the tech standards you need without having to rely on managed IT services, all while helping you get to grips with the suite standards you may wish to implement and improve your business with.

Sustainable Online Branding

Sustainable online branding is an important part of visibility in the modern business scene, and it’s important to ensure you also have this locked down. With a little care and attention, you may find that regular social media posting, routinely interlinking all of your platforms together, running promotions from each platform, ensuring that your branding is cohesive and incentivizing new staff and clients to promote your social media well can be a big benefit to your firm as it grapples with becoming familiar on the scene. If you can sustain this approach, you’re moving along the right lines.

With this advice, we hope sole traders can make the most of their business in every possible way.

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