Content marketing is a large part of the marketing mix. Content has been a classic part of marketing, with press releases, white papers, and advertising copy. However, in more recent years, the way that content is used has changed. You need to create content, as to whether you’re the one creating it or not, your audience is consuming it. If you’re not creating it for them, they’ll go and read content from a competitor instead. Here’s why content is so important.

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Lead Generation

Leads used to come from outbound marketing, but this has had to change, thanks to a change in regulations about data privacy. Thanks to this, many businesses have had to change the way they approach email marketing, and other outbound marketing techniques. Instead, you can use inbound methods instead. One of the best inbound marketing methods to generate leads is to use content that people would be looking for by themselves.

If you need help creating content that attracts attention and is relevant to your industry, reach out to an agency which specializes in your area of work, such as, who represents lawyers and law firms.

Ranking On Google

When people are in need of a new product or service, they start by searching on Google. This is why SEO is so essential. To perform well on results pages, remember that Google ranks its search results based on how useful they are for the user.

When somebody is looking for something on Google, they need particular answers, whether that’s the best vacuum for coping with pet hair, or how to find a lawyer to help them with paperwork for buying a house. Well-written that answers those questions will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Quality content will bring visitors to your website.

Google is looking for websites with quality and authority. Content should solve the problem that brings your audience to your site in the first place.

Search engines used to rely heavily on keyword matching to rank content, but today, they focus far more on intent. It used to be that you had to get the right combo of keywords in order to rank well. Instead, best practice is now to provide the answers to the question that generated the search in the first place. This makes content marketing essential for good digital marketing.

Word Of Mouth

Social media has become an essential part of word-of-mouth marketing. If people like a product or a brand, they’re going to talk about it online, and share links to it.

Word-of-mouth awareness spread through social media can be encouraged with content marketing. Content gives your audience something to share which will generate conversation around your brand.

Content can also keep working hard for you for a long time to come if you’re smart about it. Aim to create content that is ever-green wherever possible, so it can keep being shared and stay relevant whenever someone stumbles across it for the first time.

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