If you’re an interior design enthusiast, you’ve probably spent a lot of time getting the interiors of your house looking fantastic. If you’re all about the interiors though, it can be easy to accidentally neglect the garden. If you want the outside to look as good as the inside, you could create an outdoor room.

An outdoor room is the latest trend in garden design. These spaces are sheltered outdoor living spaces, with indoor inspired design. They basically function as a stage between the summer house and a pergola.

outdoor patio

Choose A Position

Before you start designing, look at where an outdoor room could go. If you already have a patio or decking attached to the house, this could be a great spot, as it will work as a transition space between the house and the garden.

Think about what you want to use the room for. Maybe you’re dreaming of somewhere to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning, or you want somewhere to sit with friends and a glass of wine in the evening. Look at which parts of your garden get the sun at different times of day, and position the outdoor room accordingly.

Think about what existing features you want to include, like walls or fences. A landscaping design company will be able to advise you on the best positions and create a beautiful design that you’ll love.

What Shelter Do You Want?

An outdoor room doesn’t need to be a solid structure, but the idea is to offer some sort of shelter. You could leave the room open to the sky, but create shelter from walls. Or you could add some kind of shelter above, so the room can be used in all weathers.

You could create an open-fronted summer house or a gazebo, or cover an existing patio with a pergola and create some walls with fencing, trellis pieces or hedging.

Shelter can offer some protection from the elements, like wind and rain, or can be used to add some privacy if your garden is overlooked by the neighbours.

Design The Space

What are you going to use the outdoor room for? If your room leads off the kitchen, you could create an outdoor dining space with a barbecue and a dining table. Make a space to relax with comfortable sofas and an outdoor rug. If you love to entertain, build a garden bar and put some comfortable seating. How about a hot tub?

Add some lighting and a way to heat the space. Heat lamps offer cosy light and offer warmth if you’re outside in cool weather. If you have space, you could build a firepit. String lights look beautiful when strung through a pergola or in amongst plants on the trellis. Just make sure that any electrics you install are safe for outdoor use and have been properly wired in.

If you have put in a hot tub, make sure you have some sort of non-slip floor surface, like anti-slip decking or some rubber matting around the hot tub. For other areas, lay outdoor rugs, or artificial turf for a stylish look.

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