how to prepare for a trip

Traveling used to be something reserved for special occasions or milestones in your life. But now, with the advent of the digital era and more and more budget airlines surfacing, your perfect vacation is nearer than ever! Here are some tips on the best ways that you can start prepping for your dream trip in 2019.

Plan Your Budget

budget planning

Dates can be adjusted and places can be changed, but the one thing that a traveler should never, never leave up to chance is the financials. Make sure that you’ve prepared all your funds ahead of time, otherwise, it might be better not to travel at all. Set aside money every month ahead to make sure you have enough to cover your trip, as well as an emergency fund. Use apps like Spending Tracker to keep track of expenses before and during your trip. It may seem like a hassle at first, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to money and travel!

Know Your Limits

how to prepare for a trip

It’s always best to understand your limits as a traveler and manage expectations. Whether it’s knowing if you’re up for shared bathrooms in hostels, or understanding what are realistic options in terms of visa application costs— being aware of what you can and can’t do as a traveler is definitely important. After all, although your vacation might be an escape from your regular life, you still have to live in the real world. Try taking a look at this list of visa-free countries for the Philippine passport and see if you can make realistic travel plans with it.

Do Your Research

how to prepare for a trip

Traveling to a new place isn’t always easy, and there are lots of things that you have to know ahead of time. Make sure to research what the climate, dress code, currency, and modes of transportation are like. Keeping track of emergency services like nearby hospitals and police stations or embassies is also an important thing to do. Luckily, information travel rich resource Daydreaming in Paradise has already compiled helpful tips for travelers, making it easier for people to get around foreign places!

Make Copies of All Your Documents

how to prepare for a trip

You should always be safe rather than sorry when it comes to your travel prep. Even if we live in a digital age, keeping hard copies of your tickets, hotel accommodation, photocopies of your passports and other IDs, as well as any other important documents, is always a smart thing to do. Make sure they’re in a dry, safe place that’s accessible to you while you’re traveling, as you’ll never know when you need them.

Keep an Eye Out for Sales

airplane take-off

It probably goes without saying, but budget airlines and airfare sales are the best and easiest way for Filipino travelers to get around. Thanks to seat sales and airlines like AirAsia opening new routes, you now have more options than ever before when it comes to fulfilling your travel goals! To keep track of the best times to book, make sure you follow the airlines’ social media and have all of your needed details on hand in case you need to make a decision fast!

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