A leash is an extremely unnatural object for puppies. It is very restricting and all dogs have trouble adjusting to it. However, if you wish to have a civilized, well-behaved dog and be able to control it, you have to go with collar and harness. The only remaining solution for you is to teach your dog how to walk on a leash.

It isn’t an easy process but if you follow these steps, there is no way you won’t be able to do it. Read on!

1. Have patience

Having patience is crucial for any type of dog training including this one. A leash is so unnatural for a puppy that it will claw and bite against it. You have to be prepared for this and meet such behavior with patience. You shouldn’t resort to violence or scolding as well as such type of behavior rarely has a positive impact.

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2. Introducing the collar and harness

You need to start slowly and introduce the idea of a leash. Put collar on a dog while at home and leave it like that. Start giving it a treat whenever you place it. That way, dog will associate a reward with a collar. Next time when you go out, dog will notice that you’re using collar so more benefits there. Use a command where a dog will come himself so you can put a collar.

3. Walk around the apartment

It’s normal for a puppy to get entangled together with you. You can prevent this to an extent if you exercise at home. Teach a puppy how to properly move together with you. This will allow you to move without issues when outside.

4. Don’t pet a dog before going out

Puppies get excited over anything. This is especially true when it comes to walks. A puppy will go nuts when he realizes you’re going out. It’s your job to calm him down either through your posture or by taking a quick break. This will help you prevent pulling to an extent but still, you can expect some pulling from the puppy.


5. What to do if puppy pulls

The best thing you can do in this case is to simply stop. The dog needs to realize it’s not going anywhere without you. Putting on breaks is not only important for leash training but a dog’s discipline in general. It’s necessary for a puppy to behave according to your needs, not his.

6. What to do if puppy lunges

Another common thing that may happen during walks is lunging. The dog may lunge at a child or some other dog. Not only will it pull the leash when this happens but it may harm someone along the way. The best way to react is by predicting the situation and stopping it in its track. Make sure to have some treats on you at all times. When a dog lunges (or prepares to do so) you need to predict this and distract him. By providing a treat, you will be able to avert its attention at least for a moment which should be long enough.

7. Getting back home

This is another thing where dogs may prove to be a handful. Honestly, I don’t know many dogs who like to go home. Some of them may start dragging behind and even laying down. It’s better if you prevent such behavior and show the dog that this will not be tolerated. Again, this is something that has to do with discipline and showing who’s the boss. Make sure to be assertive and enforce your will (without any violence of course).

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