Instagram is a great social platform for businesses who can really make the most of the visual angle. Showing off pictures of your products in use and lifestyle shots is a great way to bring a new audience to your brand but it’s also a brilliant way to develop the voice of your brand.

Using Instagram for business is much like any other social platform in that anyone can do it and learn on the go. But, if you want a head start, here are a few tips worth keeping in mind.

instagram for business

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Start a Conversation

Communication is essential for all businesses and you should make the most of any methods you have. The first rule of social media is that you should always think in terms of starting a conversation. It’s alright to create ads that say “we’re the best” but unless you invite someone to get in touch or find out more, the message is moot. Instead, ask your audience questions like “how would you use this product?” or “how can we help you?” will invite responses.

Direct messages on Instagram are also good for communicating with your audience. If you are deskbound all day, getting DMs on your Mac is easiest through this link: Make sure that no matter what the subject is or which team member is talking, you must stick to your brand’s tone of voice.

Go Behind the Scenes

A really effective use of Instagram stories is to post pictures and videos from behind the scenes. While your main page might be made up of beautifully captured images, showing the people behind those images develops the more human side of your business.

However, do remember that you can still curate what you show from behind the scenes. So, while you might not have perfected this content in the same way, be mindful about what it says about your business and what purpose it is serving.

Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience is a key part of any marketing strategy – after all, you don’t want to create the perfect design for only your mum to see! To grow your audience, you need to develop the appeal of your account but you also need to put a strategy in place to increase your followers and reach new people.

Using relevant hashtags and even creating your own hashtag is a good way to appear in front of users who are browsing similar content. Equally, engaging with other pages posting similar content is a good way to create a bit of crossover between your audiences. Using organic activity like this might take time but it is free and will complement any advertising you are doing at the same time.

Instagram has quickly become one of the best sites for businesses to promote themselves. As you grow your audience, you will naturally find your rhythm and be able to shape your campaigns to optimise results. Pictures can say 1000 words so use them wisely!

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