Korean skin is something I am definitely envious of mainly because their skin is very flawless and has a natural glow. I’m always fascinated and curious as to what goes into a typical Korean skincare routine.

Just this past weekend, I have had the opportunity to experience “K Beauty” and try a facial skin care treatment at Hallyu Secret Aesthetics & Beauty Training; a newly opened skin care clinic in San Juan City (Metro Manila).

Operating in Korea for 2 years now, they have decided to bring their business here in the Philippines for Filipinos to experience authentic Korean skin care treatment using organic Korean skincare products!

For this particular visit, they had me try the BB Glow skin treatment that gives you that all glowing, radiant poreless skin.

I got the premium service for their BB Glow treatment which retails for Php5,000 (US$100).

I didn’t really do any research prior to getting this done so I wasn’t aware that micro-needling was part of the process! Surprisingly, it’s very relaxing and I didn’t even notice that 120 needles were passing onto my face.

According to Ms. Kris, President of Hallyu Secret Aesthetics and CEO at Mi-Yong Alliance Philippines, the BB Glow treatment requires more than one (1) session. The second session must be done a week after the first one, the third must be after a month, and then the succeeding sessions must be done every after four (4) months.

Overall, it was a very relaxing treatment and I did notice a slight change in color and smoothness. The lines on the sides of my mouth did lighten as well as the undereye dark circles that I have.

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Hallyu Secret Aesthetics & Beauty Training
Address: Fox Square Building, Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila
For reservations: 0908-781-2021

DISCLAIMER: I am not, in any way, affiliated with Hallyu Secret Aesthetics & Beauty Training. This review is written by me and are from my own words and is 100% unbiased. For questions on how I do my reviews, please refer to my DISCLOSURE POLICY.

Photos by JMBB | @jekksetter

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