A few weeks back, Charlie and Sibs (also known as Jek and I’s fur-babies), were gifted paracord collars by ParaCollars PH. Today, we’re here to share information and a quick review of what we think about the product.

dog paracollar

Compared with the usual collars we see in pet stores, paracord collars provides great benefits such as strength, durability, and style. A paracord, or parachute cords, is this lightweight nylon kernmantle rope. According to research, these were originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. This means it lasts for a long time and doesn’t weigh in on your dog’s neck.


tri color shih tzu

Each paracord collars has a plastic buckle to safely secure the collar around your pet’s neck. It also has a metal D-ring in the middle in which you can place dog tags and a GPS tracker.

When purchasing a paracollar, make sure to get your dog’s exact neck measurement as these paracollars are not adjustable.

chihuahua paracollar

We don’t use these paracollars on our pets on a daily basis as we prefer to use a harness when taking them out on walks. Like the typical Filipinos that we are, we reserve to use this for special occasions or for when we’re going out to the dog park.

We’re so glad ParaCollars PH sent this over for our pets to use. These works perfectly when worn alone or when we decide to attach them in bandanas or bows.

mini dashchund

For more information about them, visit their Facebook page facebook.com/paracollarsph or on Instagram @paracollarsph.

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