Trade show exhibitions are a useful type of event to attend with your business. It helps to get your business exposure, giving you opportunities to connect with the right people. Whether you have never attended an exhibit before or you have tried but want to improve next time, you can consider a number of things to do to make your time at the show successful. If you want to avoid complete failure, where your stand is overlooked or you even leave a negative impression, you need to be prepared to make an impact at the event. Try these tips to achieve your goals.

Get Attention with Your Display

Your stand or display is your main tool for getting attention at a trade show. There will be plenty of others there, so your aim is for your display to stand out. It’s worth spending money on a good stand that you can use multiple times at different events. You can order a customer stand using a site like to get one that’s perfect for your brand. A custom stand or display allows you to have something that matches your needs and is unique. There are various types of display available, and you can brand it with your colors and graphics.

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Send Your Staff Out

As well as waiting for people to come to your stand, it makes sense to send your staff out onto the exhibition floor too. They could walk around to other stands and to people exploring the space, giving them information packets, flyers, business cards or anything else that might be useful to help promote your brand. Before attending the event, you should ensure they know what they need to do during your time there. Some time spent on staff training can be useful to prepare everyone for the day.

Use Video, Slideshows or Other Movement

Having something eye-catching that will get people’s attention will help you to get people to stop and come over to your stand. Displaying a video, using a slideshow or having some other movement that catches the eye can be a smart move. Some people even choose to have something like a juggler or other performer at their stand, which brings people over for some entertainment. You can then use the opportunity to promote your brand to them. Make sure you have your space set up for whatever you need, including any technical equipment.

Give Away Promotional Items

Giving away free stuff will help you to promote your brand in a few different ways. Firstly, choose some items that people with appreciate, rather than anything that might just get thrown away as soon as they get home. Useful items like pens can often be appreciated. Another good tip is to give away items that will be on display as people walk around the exhibition space. This will help to get you extra exposure as people move around different stands.

Prevent failure at your next trade show by having a solid plan and an eye-catching display. Aim to stand out from the crown for the best results.

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