Accessories make the outfit, and one of the most popular types of accessories today is sunglasses. Your sunglasses can make you look like a movie star, but do they protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun?

Style is important, so when you can combine style with protection, you’ve got a winning look that prevents fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, defends your skin from free radicals, and helps you to avoid cancer-causing UV rays.

Here are 5 stylish designer sunglasses that will make you look like a movie star while also doing the crucial job of protecting your eyes.

Protective Designer Sunglasses

Ray-ban Wayfarers

These polarized glasses give you 100% UV protection while also depicting the classic style loved around the world. With rectangular frames and your choice of three different color combinations, Wayfarers are the go-to sunglasses for just about every outfit. However, if you want the same look without the expensive designer price tag, try reputable shops like Filly Flair Boutique for their comparable looks.

Oversized sunglasses

Gucci Oversized Glasses

Don’t worry – your glasses don’t have to fit your face to be in style. In fact, Gucci’s oversized frames are the favorite of movie stars and celebrities everywhere. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun, but they also hide rough nights and dark circles and keep you from being quite as recognizable as you might be without them. Another plus: they come in dozens of different styles to fit your personality.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Cat’s Eye Glasses

So many people have to deal with the decision of wearing cute sunglasses or actually being able to see. If you are looking for a designer pair of sunglasses that you can also use with your own prescription glasses, look no further. These gorgeous frames can be fitted to be used with your own lenses. But since they already come in multiple colors and their lenses are protective, you may just want to opt for contacts.

Kate Spade’s Square Frames

Square shapes are coming back in style. Once considered retro, these shades are flattering to many face types and sunglasses designers have caught on to this. You can find square sunglasses just about anywhere now, but Kate Spade’s tortoiseshell gold glasses offer 100% UV protection with a 100% classic style.

Round sunglasses

Jimmy Choo Round Glasses

Daintier than any of the other options, these sunglasses are perfect for those who are looking for a lighter, more feminine touch. Stainless steel, slim arms sit gently on your face, and the round gradient lenses and filigree design are both classy and stylish.

Don’t Just Look Pretty, Be Smart

Yes, style is important, but so is your health. Similar to using moisturizers with SPF or products that don’t harm your skin, you should pick sunglasses that aren’t going to be dangerous to your body. Choose designer or off-brand sunglasses that protect your eyes and you can look good and feel good about your decision, too.