Increasing numbers of people are deciding to either work from home or set up their own small business from home. This is a brilliant step to take, as it means that you can be your own boss and only have to answer to yourself. You can also earn a whole lot more money when you’re not limited to set or limited working hours. However, when you work from home, you’ll soon realise that you can find difficulties in separating your personal life and your professional life. But not to worry. There are certain steps that you can take in order to help maintain your privacy in this situation. Here are just a few to consider!

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Make Use of a Forwarding Address

The first thing you should do when you work from home is to set up some sort of forwarding address. This will mean that your business is registered to a different address to your personal home address (this information is publically available) and ensures that your business mail doesn’t have to be addressed to your personal home. Instead, you can use a hired address like those on This is cost-effective and means people don’t have your home address!

Investing in a Business Phone

It can be extremely tempting to use your personal phone as a work phone. After all, it would half your phone bills on a monthly basis, reducing your business expenses and saving you money. However, do you really want your personal number to be widely available to the general public? Using a personal number for business could lead to harassment, prank calls, and other time wasting. So, keep your personal number personal. Doing this will also mean that you can switch off from work, turning your business phone off out of hours and ensuring you don’t have to answer calls through the night when you should be resting. Plus, you reduce your chances of accidentally sending personal images or information to professional contacts.

Setting Up a Professional Email Address

Personal email addresses receive all sorts of junk mail. We tend to have had them for so long and signed up to so many mailing lists with them that it can be easy for important emails to slip by unnoticed. So, this is another scenario where you should keep your personal and professional lives and means of contact separate. Having a professional email address means you’ll have an address free of spam and where you can pick up any important messages about deals, collaborations or anything else. You can also choose a branded address that’s better suited to your company or what you do.

Remember, maintaining privacy is possible when working from home. So, make sure you do your utmost to protect your personal information and put professional information and contact details out into the business world all at the same time! Hopefully, the above information will help you to achieve this!

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