Hello, 2021!

As we go through a new year, it’s important we also keep in mind how the space we live and move in affects our overall mental well-being. With that said, here are some tips on how you can reorganize in order to have a clutter-free condo space (or just about any space!) in 2021.

1. Don’t Let the Clutter In

The moment clutter comes in, it’s much harder to take it out. So avoid the occasional impulse buys, free gifts, good deals on products you wouldn’t buy otherwise, furniture rescued from the sidewalk, and anything that you don’t need or love. There are many types of clutter, so keep an eye out to make sure you’re not ushering it into your home.

2. Another Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Every once in a while, go through your closet or storage room and purge items that no longer “spark joy”. Instead of throwing it out, go to donation centers or work with LGUs in sending out these items to those who are in need.

Clutter-Free Space

3. Buy for Your Needs

If you’re buying kitchenwares, buy them just for the people you serve not for perpetually throwing fancy dinner parties. You can easily cut out a lot of clutter when you begin to shop for your actual needs. If you do regularly serve dinner for 20 or party like it’s your job, you can still maintain a clutter-free or even minimalist home, as long as you’re very clear in your mind about what’s needed and what’s just for show or “just in case.”

4. Choose Organizing Purchases Carefully

Ever seen the show “Get Organized with The Home Edit“? Just like Clea and Joanna, people who love the idea of organizing are usually drawn to every type of box, container, and shelving unit that promises to get their lives in order. Yet those very items, especially if bought without forethought or in large quantities, can create even more disorganization and clutter. Before you buy any organizing product, make sure you’ve decluttered as much as possible and organized using what you already have. If that’s not sufficient, research the right type of organizer before you buy it.

5. Define Your Style

Knowing what you like helps you to limit the number of things you take home. There’s a thin line between being a minimalist and being a clutter-accumulator.

Clutter-Free and Safe Space

As you continue to live your life in a clutter-free space, it’s also important to keep your big purchases and investments – such as your condo space – insured. By securing condo insurance, you have peace of mind that your property is covered in case of potential losses to both the structure of the building and its contents.

Have any other tips you’d like to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights!

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