I’ve been to several concerts myself, not to mention EDM Festivals. When I got an invite to be part of the media group to cover and witness #Sandstorm2014, I got a wee bit excited as I haven’t been out of town nor even partied for months now. You all know me, I tend to shy away from posting negativity in my blog sites, however, just for once, let me share with you what really happened. I don’t sugarcoat my posts just to please PRs companies and brands so believe me when I say that these things really did happen.

I don’t wanna whine and bicker whose fault was it that there were delays in sending the formal invite for the event, the almost 3-hours delay in riding the bus going to Laiya, and the huge confusion and misunderstanding about the accommodations and food for us – media group (the bloggers).

#Sandstorm2014 had an ambitious plan: accommodate a max. capacity of 7,000 party goers, put up 3 stages wherein DJs playing different genres will be performing, and activities to be held in the venue during the 3-day event. All sounds great, right? You are absolutely… WRONG! Sure, the stages were there, DJs were playing, but the rest of what I have just mentioned? Didn’t happen.

We finally arrived in Laiya at around 9:00PM. Hungry, tired, but still excited, we fell in line to get our passes. We all thought it would be a breeze as we were all thinking that the Sandstorm producers were expecting our arrival. As we go back and forth having a discussion with the PR company who invited us together with the front liners in the registration table – it turns out they did not have any clue of who we were! To cut the story short: no accommodations were arranged for us, no food was prepared for us, and no special treatment happened (of course, the latter part was something we were really expecting, not that we’re complaining or anything, but they specifically told us we’ll be treated as VIPs throughout the event).

To my dear readers, as much as I would like to be as detailed as possible with this post, I know most of you are already yawning. So here’s a short but detailed information about the next scenarios that had happened:

1. One (1) villa unit that was promised for us to use throughout the event turned out to be being thrown in a room with one (1) double bed for 21 people to share. If we had not requested for the mattresses, we’d all end up figuring out who’ll sleep on the bed and who’ll sleep on the floor.

2. Endless flow of food and liquor turned out to be bottles of mineral water, coffee (we still had to figure out where to get cups), and food that was even worst that those of being fed in the prison.


And you know what’s worse than that? Breakfast the next day was stale, and yes, still packed and presented to us like this.

3. All-access badge was given… But… All-access to where?

4. Ride going home ended up delayed because no transportation was arranged beforehand. A fellow blogger of mine, Lee Rosales (and her friend), and I had to go home early as my girlfriend and I was starting to get sick and Lee have had enough already so we had to shell out money from our own pockets just so we can go home. We rode a tricycle, jeep, and 2 buses just to reach home. As for the other bloggers, they had to wait a few more hours because it was only that morning that the transportation was being arranged.

This event could have been a great one! It could have been marked as “party of the year”. But because of the mishaps, misunderstanding, and just really plain trickery, this event turned out to be one big disappointment and a laughingstock of well-known producers who also produces such events.

I feel bad for those who paid Php7,000 ($162.80) for the VIP ticket. But that’s another side of the story I do not want to touch. With the information that you have just read, those were from my perspective, me invited as a blogger. If you would like to hear the side of the suppliers of the event, the DJs slash acts for the night, and the attendees who paid for GA and VIP tickets, feel free to head on to their Facebook page and search for people who attended the event. I’m sure you’ll be as mind-blown as I was upon hearing the horrific treatment they all got.



I met new blogger friends. We instantly clicked and I guess that’s what great about attending events. You get to meet people with different personalities and you end up communicating as often as before.


I was able to meet Darude, Finnish Tencho producer and DJ, who was absolutely down-to-earth and can I just say, HOT!


I also got the chance to meet fellow Batangueña and ABS-CBN reporter, Cesca Joves.


And finally, I was able to go out of town with my girlfriend and just relax for a bit in the beach (and when I say relax I mean a short walk along the beach).


If you attended #Sandstorm2014 and you’ve experienced the same thing, or maybe have your own sentiments about the said event, comment down below and let’s start a conversation!

april perez