Leaving the corporate world behind and becoming your own boss by becoming self-employed is a daunting, yet liberating experience. Self-employment allows you to live and work creatively and flexibly—you choose when you work, and how you work, using your skills and passions to bring in the dollar.

Working as a mobile hairstylist allows you the same flexibility, and you can work as many or little hours as you like—an attractive prospect for a lot of people!

While at times, it can feel as though it will be difficult to compete with established salons, it is not as tough as you may think! When it comes to getting the perfect haircut, some consumers enjoy the experience and relaxation of going to the salon, others enjoy the convenience factor of having the same experience within their own homes.

How can you do this successfully?

Here are a few helpful hints for you setting up your mobile stylist business.

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While you should never do something for nothing, but when it comes to advertising yourself, the best way to do this is to increase your portfolio. Before and after pictures are a big selling point when it comes to advertising your services. Bug your friends and ask them to act as models for various services such as styling, cutting, coloring. Use their pictures on social media pages and local advertising websites and selling pages.

Have someone design a captivating logo to create your recognizable, trustworthy brand to use on all of these pages.

Build Your Visibility

Being in the public eye is an excellent way to ensure that your books are constantly filled with clients. In order to do this, improve your knowledge of Social Media Optimization to make sure that your page is on top of each search for stylists in your area.

Also consider approaching wedding venues who work with brides to be, and persuade them to use you as their preferred supplier of hair and beauty services. Having trained in bridal hair and makeup will strengthen your applications, too.

Bachelorette parties and school proms are also good ways to gain new clients as well- the more clients you gain, the more visibility through word of mouth you will establish. An excellent free-marketing tool.

Another way to increase your word of mouth referrals is through offering discounts to clients who refer a friend to you for your services. Getting a reduction is also a good way to build loyalty!

How Would You Like to Pay?

Running your business mobile does not always have to rely on cash payments. There are plenty of POS systems that make taking payment a lot simpler—meaning that it is also easier to keep a track of your income for tax purposes.

If you do take cash, however, ensure you provide an invoice for each transaction so that if you choose to hire an accountant to assist with expenses and balancing the books.

Going mobile when it comes to running your business is hugely beneficial. Go and make that money!

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