As environmental problems become an increasingly significant concern, businesses of every size are expected to manage their impact. Even small ventures can cause huge issues if they don’t adopt eco-friendly practices. Along with the environmental benefits, being green lowers operating costs and improves the company image, which will boost profits. While being eco-friendly can seem complicated, there are many smart ways to do so. With that in mind, here are six ideas you can try.

ways to grow a green business

1. Install A Bike Rack

Cars are one of the largest contributors to emissions. This means that when your employees travel to work each morning, they damage the ozone layer. Although you might think there is little you can do about that, this isn’t true. By installing a bicycle rack outside the office, you give staff the option to cycle. That alone could be enough to convince your team to leave their cars at home.

2. Track The Company Vehicles

Some employees need to drive to work, just as some companies require employees to drive. When this is the case, you must make sure that your staff does so efficiently. Working with fleet telematics companies makes this easier. These companies install devices in company vehicles. This will allow you to track vehicles and lower fuel wastage by preventing certain behaviors.

3. Replace Any Old Equipment

The technology in your office doesn’t work nearly as well now as it did when you bought it. As devices get older, they become less efficient. This means that they use more energy to perform the same tasks. Although you can put this off with regular maintenance, all equipment needs replacing eventually. When you replace your devices, make sure you buy efficient models.

4. Make Less Paper Waste

While companies waste many resources, paper is by far the largest. Every company uses paper every day, often without a thought. We use paper to print contracts, take notes, and market the business. Nonetheless, it is simple to reduce the amount of paper you use. Most companies can switch to email marketing, for example, and save important company contracts to the cloud.

5. Sort Through The Trash

When paper is thrown away, it should be put into a separate bin. When you keep all office trash together, it makes it impossible to recycle anything, increasing your contribution to landfills. It’s essential that your office has at least three trash cans – One for plastic, one for paper, and one for general waste. This will ensure that at least some of your waste is disposed of properly.

6. Allow Working From Home

Today’s technology means that we don’t have to be in the office to be working. We can easily communicate with colleagues by email and access company documents on the cloud. Because of this, you should consider allowing your staff to work from home. By doing so, you eliminate the need to commute each morning, as well as any waste from the business premises.

With the smart ideas above, you can save money and protect the planet.

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