Summer may be over here in the Philippines and due to Corona, we’re all not able to travel. However, this isn’t stopping me from doing a little online shopping and planning for future OOTDs for trips I’ve planned ahead.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my top summer elegant floral straight dress choices for 2020.

What I Would Wear: Airport

I don’t know about you but whenever I go to the airport, I see to it that I’m still stylish while staying comfortable in my choice of clothing. Some may say that it’s impossible to achieve but if you really pay attention to the clothes you already have or be patient enough to skim through racks of clothes whenever you’re shopping, you’ll be able to find something that offers both – comfort and style.

For airport OOTD, I’d choose to wear fun and flowy dresses and pair them with white sneakers. This look inspired by is something I’d also wear when flying. Pairing it with a jacket or cardigan and a fanny pack is all there is to complete this look!

plus size dress with white sneakers

What I Would Wear: Beach

I love flowy dresses. It’s also a great fashion piece to wear in photoshoots and so a floral chiffon maxi dress is one of my top choices whenever I pack for summer road trips and vacations.

five-point sleeve dress

Maxi dresses are one of the best choices for women who want to conceal the extra flab in a smart and classy way. The stylish maxi dresses for plus-size women are designed in such a way that these look perfect for any occasion and go a long way in making them appear slimmer. 

If you’re a plus-size like me, here are Do’s and Don’ts I’d like to share:


Do: Maxi dresses with toe-grazing length is the best option for flattering the form of both petite and plus-sized women. These dresses can be paired with flats or heels depending upon your comfort level and the occasion.

Don’t: It is better to keep off the ankle-grazing length in these dresses as such ones work for slimmer ladies rather than the bulkier ones.

Color and Patterns

Do: Color-wise – dark and solid hues make the best choice in maxi dresses for plus-size women as they make you look taller and slimmer. If you want to add variety to your wardrobe by picking patterned maxi dresses, go for smaller and vertical patterns.

Don’t: Avoid horizontal stripes, large prints, and horizontal blocking with colors, as all these options add to the volume on your body.


Do: Flowy fabrics such as chiffon, Georgette, and soft jersey make the best ones to craft maxi dresses for bulkier figures as these materials skim the body, flatten the curves, and give a superb, comfortable fit.

Don’t: Say no to stiff materials as they seem to decide the shape that the dress is going to give to your body and the end result may not be impressive at all.


Do: A maxi dress with a fitted bodice and full, flowing skirt makes the best cut for plus-sizes because it gives a balanced drape. A belted waist and V-neckline make the ideal design choices to cinch the waistline and provide an elongated appearance to the body.

Don’t: Avoid puff sleeves and flared skirts in maxi dresses as these styles can add to the volume rather than cut it off.

What I Would Wear: Evening/Dinner by the Beach

A romantic dinner on the beachside is something you’d see me do with my S/O. We both love low-key dates and whenever we’re on vacation, expect that this is part of our itinerary!

While it’s not the only option, a dress is a natural choice for a dinner date. Choose one that’s as sophisticated as it is lovely with a hem that finishes below the knee. Keep the style elegant and fitted but also comfortable. You can add some personal flair in the form of stylish details, such as very subtle cut-outs, a one-shoulder design, light fringing, or ties. When it comes to color, black and white are best for creating a great impression and can be worn individually or in a minimalistic pattern. As for finishing touches, black sandal flats (or heels if you’re in a restaurant), a small and sleek clutch, and some light jewelry will do nicely.

gold elegant dresses

For this, I’d opt to go for elegant dresses gold. It’s minimalist yet sophisticated! Although beach night outs are not the easiest date to dress for, it can be a fun opportunity to mix up your casual style. Soft, flowy materials and unstructured designs are a great jumping-off point for planning a beach outfit. Chiffon and lightweight cotton are ideal fabric options and will help to keep you cool and looking suitably relaxed. A midi or maxi dress will have a lovely feminine aesthetic that will offer a contemporary vibe. 

What about you?

Hopefully, these options and tips will help you with your next clothes shopping for your travels! Have any more ideas you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments what you’d wear on these different scenarios!

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