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Ideas for Stylish Beach Dresses for Summer

Summer is here, and it’s worth taking a trip to the nearest beach and enjoy the sea. However, that relaxing breeze and trip to the ocean can become stressful really quickly when you are unsure what to wear. Dressing can be more...

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Dealing With The Death Of A Beloved Pet

Whether you’re a dog parent or a cat’s roommate, the bonds we form with our animals can go incredibly deep, and real love blooms between you. Oxytocin is often released when your dog looks at you, in both your brains, and that’s...

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Welcome to Hello, April!

april perez lifestyle blog

"Hello, April" is a Philippine lifestyle, travel, food, and health blog managed by millenial girlfriend tandem April Perez and Jek Balingasa. A blog that started back in 2004 in another platform; in this blog site you'll find product and service reviews, travel posts, hacks, and just about anything that they'd like to share. READ MORE HERE