One of the changes we’ve made in our routine is to use shampoo and conditioner bars. This is nothing new to me as I’ve used a well-known brand when I was still in high school, however, that really did a lot of damage to my hair so I stopped using it.

Recently, I collaborated with The Eco Shift (@the_eco_shift) and gave shampoo and conditioner bars another chance.

the eco shift shampoo bar

Product Thoughts

Both Jek and I used their starter kit for 2 weeks (until it lasted). I’ll keep this review very short and simple in order to address everything right away.

Shampoo Bar

  • Lathers well and lasts for a long time – did not melt right away
  • Did not over-dry our hair and scalp
  • Surprisingly made our hair bouncier and softer! Both Jek and I have hair colors and it really did a good job in keeping our hair healthy.
  • Kept our hair smelling good throughout the day even after exposure to sun and pollution
shampoo conditioner bar

Conditioner Bar

  • It lasted few days before the shampoo bar did but it’s probably because of its ingredients that’s why this one is a bit softer than the shampoo bar.
  • Kept our hair tangle-free and we didn’t even have the need to use a comb to straighten out our hair.
  • Has a minty scent to it which gives a cool sensation when being rubbed onto the scalp.


We’re very surprised as to how our hair reacted to The Eco Shift’s shampoo and conditioner bars. As I’ve said, the other brand I’ve tried in the past has made my hair really dry so I was really iffy to try this one out. I’m really glad it turned better than what I expected!

shampoo bar

We highly recommend that you check out The Eco Shift’s store and try their products too! They sell starter kits so you can try it before committing into purchasing the full size.

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Win a Zero-Waste Starter Kit

Want to get your hands on The Eco Shift’s shampoo and conditioner bar? Head on over to this post as we’re giving away those plus a few more cool items to help you start your zero-waste lifestyle!

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