There is much you need to pack for your vacation, of course.

From your passport to your bathing suit, you would be remiss to forget certain items when packing your suitcases and carry-ons.

However, there are some items you don’t need to bring with you, no matter how tempted you are to fit them into your bags or somewhere on your person. By being ruthless with your packing, you will then avoid the packing fees attached to some baggage policies, and you will be less likely to do yourself an injury when you’re lugging your bags from one place to another.

Here then are the items you don’t need to pack for your vacation.

#1: Items of jewelry

From your favorite necklace to that expensive watch that never seems to leave your wrist, you need to know that any item of jewelry you own is best left at home. While it is easy to carry – you can wear it on the plane – you are putting yourself at risk because you might become the victim of theft, especially when visiting an area where local criminals are prone to targeting unwary tourists. So, while you might want to look your best when on your travels, focus more on your holiday outfits than your jewelry items.

#2: Extra pairs of shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you need on vacation? Some people pack way more pairs than they need to, but it’s a pointless exercise, as it’s unlikely they will ever get worn. A comfortable pair of Vans should suffice for everyday use, and they might fit with your evening outfits too if you’re going out for a meal. You might also bring something fit for hiking if you’re planning on walking through heavy terrain or up a mountain. And that’s it! Leave your legion of other shoes at home, as you probably don’t need them.

#3: A travel iron (and other hotel provided items)

Sure, you want to look smart on your vacation, especially when eating out of an evening. Bringing an iron might seem like a necessity. However, many hotels will supply you with one in your room, so it’s worth checking before you leave. On that note, you might not need to bring a hairdryer either, or an excessive amount of towels and toiletries, as these should be provided for you too. And besides, you will need some room in your bags if you’re planning to slip a few hotel shampoos and soaps into your luggage before you set off on your return journey, so think before you pack.

#4: A guidebook (and other travel books)

Back in days gone by, a guidebook would have been considered a sensible choice. As would a language guide for the country you were visiting, and a book of maps. However, assuming you have a smartphone, there is no need to bring any of these items at all, as you have everything you need at the touch of a button. You can easily bookmark pages of interest about the place you are visiting onto your phone, and there are all kinds of travel apps that can be downloaded onto your phone too. Be smart then, and leave your travel books at home.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your (lighter) travels!

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