Recently, a new Thai fusion restaurant opened nearby and being a foodie that my girlfriend and I are, we didn’t hesitate to try them out. Thínoí Thaí Fusíon is the name of the restaurant and according to research, they’re a Thai-Filipino fusion restaurant that was started by two siblings who have extreme passion for food and travel. Owned by an OFW who worked in Thailand for 15 years, and his sister who loves to cook and experiment; Thínoí uses real spices and flavors that are imported directly from Thailand, to create fusion dishes with Thai-Pinoy flavors.

Thinoi Thai Fusion

It was perfect timing that we decided to try this restaurant because I’ve been craving for weeks for Pad Thai and authentic Thai Milk Tea. As soon as I step foot inside their restaurant, I knew exactly what we’re going to order – Pad Thai and Milk Tea of course!

What we Ordered

Thai spring rolls

For starters, we got ourselves Spring Rolls which costs P90.00 (roughly $1.60). The serving is generous and the peanut sauce is a 10/10 for us!

Shrimp pad Thai

This here is a generous serving of Shrimp Pad Thai which I ordered for myself. Flavours merry well and they did not hold back with the ingredients because the taste is on point!

The girlfriend ordered the one with the beef in it and the meat in the Pad Thai is so generous, you’ll start to get full half way through your meal.

Dining at a Thai restaurant is not complete without finishing your meal off with Mango Sticky Rice. For P90.00, you get a generous serving of mangoes on the side, sticky rice, and coconut milk and syrup combination that you can drench on top of the mangoes and the rice.

Key Points

  • Price – very affordable and reasonable! You get generous servings for each dish you get and I guarantee that you’ll have an explosion of flavours in your mouth bite after bite.
  • Food selection – I wish they add more. You get the usual Pad Thai, Tom Yum, and typical viands but I do wish they could add more or being a fusion restaurant, add more variants and twists to dishes so that someone like us who visits often, will have more options to choose from.
  • Parking – they only have 2 slots for cars but being in front of the Convention Center, you can safely park your vehicles there and just cross the street if you decide to dine at their restaurant.
  • Space and Ambiance – very clean, minimalist, and a lot can be seated all at the same time. However, the girlfriend pointed out that in order to provide an overall Thai experience, they play videos of Thailand instead of Barefoot Contessa’s cooking show (no offense to her, I love her recipes!), they play Thai songs instead of random playlists from Spotify, and they play more with the interior design.

Final Thoughts

We’re so happy there’s finally a decent restaurant in Malolos that offers delicious meals at a very affordable price. We’ve been going back quite a lot ever since they opened last November 9 and we get satisfied every time we visit.

Location/Space – ★★★★
Ambiance – ★★★★
Price – ★★★★★
Service – ★★★★
Taste/Presentation – ★★★★★
OVERALL – ★★★★

Thínoí Thaí Fusíon
Address: Mac Arthur Highway (in front of Malolos Sports & Convention Center)
Malolos, Bulacan
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:00 to 22:00

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