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I’ve had my fair share of purchasing new and used cars, and I’m talking about my own car not something my parents purchased. I’m breaking down my post into two (2), one will be for tips on buying a used car and the other for a new car.

Tips on Buying a Used Car

mazda 323

Here’s my first car which is a used/2nd hand 1996 Mazda 323!

    1. Be patient when it comes to searching online – it took me almost a month to finally nail down the car that I’ll be purchasing. I weighed in the pros and cons, the location of the seller, car’s details (last registered, last maintenance, how many owners has it had, etc.), and will I have money left to purchase the necessities and pay for a general checkup.


    1. Bring your trusted mechanic – this is a no brainer. Since you’re purchasing a used car, chances are, there will be components that’s in need of urgent fix. Even though you’re purchasing from a trusted seller or maybe your friend, it’s still better to check it yourself because there’s still instances that they won’t be honest with the car’s issues.The usual (major) things you would want to check are signs of flooding, oil leaks, smoke’s color (if it’s blue or white, then there’s something wrong with the engine and might need an overhaul)


    1. Test drive the car – have the seller drive it first so you get to see his driving habits and you get to feel the car’s comfortability level. If you feel that his driving habits are okay, then most likely the car’s running well and you can go ahead and take it for a spin. If it’s not and you see him struggling at times, it’s your choice if you still want to continue with the deal or back out.


  1. (Once you’re purchased your car) Schedule a visit with your mechanic – immediately after purchasing your (used) car, schedule a visit to your trusted mechanic. This is to ensure that any components that needs to be change immediately will be replaced before you go for a long drive. Have them do a change oil as well and conduct the usual maintenance work to ensure that you’ll have a smooth sailing drive.

Planning to get a new car instead? Let’s proceed to that!

Here are Tips on Buying a New Car

I’ve already purchased 2 new cars so I would say I pretty much have a good idea on what’s involved plus some tips that I can share to first time buyers. The first one I got was a 2017 Suzuki Celerio which I later on returned and got myself a 2017 Mistubishi Mirage Hatchback instead.

mitsubishi mirage

2017 Mitsubishi Mirage Hatchback

    1. Decide which car to get – it can get pretty overwhelming on what car you’d like to get especially with low down payment promos that almost all dealers are offering. Do some research and weigh in the pros and cons. The usual list that I have are as follows:
      • How much is the down payment and what’s included?
      • How much will my monthly amortization be?
      • For this specific (car) brand, how much does each component cost in case it breaks? Is it easily available or do I have to purchase it overseas?
      • How much will its maintenance cost?
      • What are its safety features?
      • How’s the handling? Car engine, fuel consumption, etc.
    2. Decide which bank to go for – usually, your chosen dealer’s sales agent will be the one to process the application with the banks they’re affiliated with. But if you have a preferred bank, they can prioritize that over other banks. Do your part as well and research on what each bank offers when it comes to auto loan. They usually have an auto loan calculator available online so you get to see how much their interest rate is per month.However, if you do decide to buy it in cash, then this wouldn’t be something you should worry about.


  1. (After the unit’s release) Take note of schedules – Take note of the dates of your car’s maintenance service, next car registration, insurance renewal, auto-debit for car payment (if you decide to loan your car), etc. It is important for you not to miss these especially the payment for your car! 

Congratulations! Keep in mind that owning a car is a privilege and is something that must not be abused. Be a good driver on the road and do your part in keeping the streets safe.

Drive safely!

april perez