Moving house is one of the most stressful life events of them all, and most of us will do it more than once in our lifetimes! Most of us think once the move is over, everything will be fine, but settling into your new home can be a challenge too.

Once the Chess Moving team has dropped off the last of the boxes and you’re left all alone in your new place, you might not feel quite right yet; you might feel unsure what you should do to feel more comfortable, which is why we’ve put together some tips to help you get settled in in no time at all.

Top Tips to Help You Settle into Your New Home

Just unpack the essentials

If you’re already feeling stressed out, trying to unpack every single box and make the place perfect right away is only going to add to your troubles. Start by unpacking the essentials you need to live right now – cutlery, clothing, toiletries, etc. – and gradually work on the rest.

Open the windows

Go around your new house and open each and every window you come across. Letting in some fresh air and letting the old air out is a great way to get rid of any unfamiliar smells and make the place seem fresh, new, and more yours. This is more of a psychological thing to signal the changing of the home’s ownership from the previous occupants to you and your family, but it is also practical in that it will get rid of any musty or chemical cleaning smells that may have accumulated before you moved in.

Do a security check

Living in a new home in a new neighborhood can be pretty daunting. You don’t have the lay of the land and you aren’t quite sure what to expect, and this can leave you on edge,. A good way to deal with this is by reviewing your new home’s security features, ensuring they are in working order, and repairing them when they are not. If there isn’t enough security for your liking, install more, and do whatever you can to feel more comfortable in the place.

Fill it with your signature scent

Have a scented candle, essential oil blend, or air freshener that you absolutely love? Fill your new home with its scent until it smells more comforting to you. Smell is one of our strongest senses, so although this may seem like a little thing, it really isn’t, and it will have you feeling at home in no time at all.

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Have a housewarming party

After a day or two, when the chaos has subsided and you’re feeling a little calmer, invite a few good friends over for a housewarming party. Not only will their warmth and well wishes make you feel better, but as you should them around your new place, you’ll get to know it a bit better for yourself, and hopefully start to feel more settled.

Enjoy your new home with the help of these top tips – you deserve to be happy in your new space.

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