What’s one of the first things you do when you are motivating yourself to workout? Most people make sure that they have workout clothes, and most of the time people will go out to buy new workout wear in the hopes that it motivates them to hit the hit. And the truth is, it usually does do the job!

New, trendy workout wear can make you feel ready and motivated to achieve your workout goals- for a couple days or weeks at least. After that, the novelty tends to wear off, and you will have to find a more sustainable source of motivation to keep you going. Now that that disclaimer is out of the way, and you understand that new workout wear won’t solve all your motivation (or lack thereof) problems, let’s look at the trendiest workout wear out there for this season.

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To help you enjoy your workout and make you feel like a star before you even hit the gym, we have created this guide to the season’s hottest trends in workout gear. Whether you are an inspiring Instagram yogini or looking to get your running miles in, with the season’s hottest trends, you will feel inspired to get up and get going.

1. Bike Shorts

No, not the ones with the padding. For this season, we can expect to see the time of shorts reminiscent of the 80’s fashion. And unlike other fashion trends from the 1980’s we are relieved about this one! This season’s bike shorts are more modern, with a flattering design and much more comfort than the tiny shorts that show the butt cheeks. Triathlons are becoming popular once again, and we are seeing some of the most intuitive suit designs out there. You should learn more if you are training for triathlons.

2. Natural Green Tones

Moss green and green khakis have made a comeback, and are featuring in all types of fashion- not just the workout wear. You can expect to see shades of subtle green everywhere you look this season. One of the greatest things about this color is that it can work well for any skin tone.

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3. Blooming

Florals are back at it and could help to make workout gear to feel and look more feminine. Thought strong was the new sexy? How about strong with a touch of florals, and swirl it in a bit bowl of femininity that isn’t afraid to show up and flex. The florals will be present through the year’s seasons, it seems, ranging in colors from soft neutrals to nudes and even tropical tones of blue and palm tree greens.

4. Neutral Tones

Other colors to expect this season are soft, neutral tones of greys, dusty pink, black and white. Nothing like the flashy neon colors of past seasons, although we might still see some neon colors popping up with celebrity collaborations. In the U.S, we will see more of the neutral tones in the popular (and if you speak to the majority of females: practical) high rise leggings. Yes, the high rise leggings are here to stay. The trend of combining high rise leggings with crop tops are here to stay and combine this outfit with a soft and subtle color palette, and you will be on point with your workout gear style.

5. Thick, chunky sneakers

Unfortunately, the chunky sneaker season is not over yet. Why? No one knows. But for this season anyway, the chunky sneaker is here to stay. While this is definitely one trend we will be steering clear of, if you like your sneakers big, thick and obtrusively chunky, then you are in luck for this season.

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6. A Touch of Zen

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in yoga companies and workout wear designed for yoga and other similar activities. In fact, ‘working out’ is an idea that is evolving. It is no longer simply a matter of dragging yourself off to the gym, hating every minute, and just simply accepting that that’s the way that it is. When we take a brief glance, we see that the idea of ‘working out’ is shifting to an idea more along the lines of taking care of all aspects of one’s health. People are beginning to develop a solid self-care practice, and many are now understanding that movement can be medicine, and this holistic approach to exercise is being echoed throughout workout wear companies and brands throughout the globe. Hopefully, this evolved from being a mere trend into a common way of life.

Aside from materialistic trends, some other trends in the workout wear department are developing as well. Studies show that there is a rise in the movement for health and well-being, and this is not just a focus on physical vanity. In fact, thanks to the accessibility of information there are thousands of people being exposed to mindfulness and other ways to lead a conscious and healthy lifestyle. So much so, that we are seeing trends develop in areas that before were reserved only for the ‘weirdos’ or those venturing far and wide to find a teacher or guru. Living a life enriched with mindful practices has become the latest trend, and hopefully, this develops more into a normal lifestyle for many, after the hype dies down.

Because this mindful way of living is trendy, workout wear companies have caught on and are using this as a tool in the marketing campaigns. This is why we are seeing an increase in eco-friendly fabrics and other design principles that have a lower environmental impact and a heightened social responsibility (ethically sourced materials and workmanship).

This should be the only trend that matters- as it is a trend that, if it takes root into our society, will have far-reaching impacts on societies across the globe. Imagine a world where workout wear companies are not advertising ethical clothes as something special simply because it has become the norm in society.

If the market (that’s you and me) demand this, then this is where the workout wear companies (and all companies for that matter) will direct their focus.

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