Van Gogh Alive, one of the world’s most-visited multi-sensory exhibition, is now in Manila, coming from its last exhibit in Hong Kong. It is part of a global city exhibition that engages its audience using large-scale installations and high-definition multi-screen environments with surround sound.

From the canvases to the walls, the famous Dutch painter’s works come to life at the one-of-a-kind art exhibit presented by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) and One Bonifacio High Street (One BHS). Accompany Vincent van Gogh as you journey into his life in Arles, Saint Rémy and Auvers-sur-Oise, where he created most of his timeless masterpieces.

van gogh alive

Is it worth Gogh-ing to?

Thanks to student discounts, the ticket/s only costs P450.00 compared to the regular rate of P750.00/pax. The tickets are not cheap, even by museum standards – for the same price you could buy a ticket to an actual art museum and see REAL paintings.

Despite that, it was an experience I couldn’t pass on and I was curious about the interactive, multi-sensory experience that they were advertising, which is why we decided to go. Turns out, that just means classical music playing in the background as slideshow of paintings are projected on to white screens.

van gogh alive manila

The exhibit is small – it consists of just the drawing-room and the main “gallery” itself. Your slot is good for 1.5 hours – the show lasts for 45 minutes and the rest of the time can be used to take photos and videos. Because the exhibit (and venue) is small, there were too many people in each “section” and people couldn’t get a clear view of any exhibit feature without a bunch of people’s heads and phone backing the way.

So should you Gogh? (Wow, lots of wordplay happening here). If you’re after content for your feed and you don’t mind paying the ticket price, this could probably be something you’ll want to go to. But if you’re like me whose into museums and art, you probably won’t enjoy visiting. It was a great experience I’ll tell you that. But I probably wouldn’t bother visiting again even if it were showing in another country I’ll be in. For someone who has a short attention span, sitting through the whole 45 minutes, looking through different screens to see the next slideshow isn’t something I was hoping to expect. I hope they did everything by small batches and made sure the screens were somehow elevated, that way, heads weren’t blocking the screen and the venue isn’t crowded.

Interested to Gogh?

Immerse in the world-renowned works of Vincent van Gogh brought to life at the 4th level of One Bonifacio High Street, BGC from 26 October until 8 December 2019.