Last month, as part of the work we did for Fresh Fellow PH, we went up North to attend meetings and close some deals. Before heading back home to Bulacan, Jek and I did a little side trip to La Union. I’ve decided to try and book us a camping experience at Camp Avenue La Union.

Reasons why camping is NOT for us

Here are the top reasons why camping is not for us. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being outdoors and being one with nature. The most outdoorsy stuff I can probably tolerate is glamping – which I have previously done in past.

camp avenue la union

1. Dirty bathrooms

I cannot stress this enough! I’m okay sharing a bathroom BUT using a dirty bathroom is such a deal breaker for us. It’s hard enough that you’re sharing bathrooms with a lot of people, now you have to deal with it being dirty? That’s just too much!

2. Sweat and general ickiness

Don’t get me wrong, Camp Avenue gave us an option to get an electric fan and an extension cord for an additional fee of P300 ($6.00) – which of course we did avail – so that’s plus points for them. However, what made me really ticked off is how dirty their mattresses are and the throw pillows they give upon check-in. Despite using our blanket as a bed sheet, I still didn’t get away from having bites from bed bugs.

camp avenue la union

3. No privacy

Apart from having no private bathrooms, you actually don’t get the privacy you want. Want to sleep in? Guess what? You can’t! You have other campers around you that are awake and gossips with each other so loud at 2:00 in the morning.

4. Insects

Camping areas can be home to lots of insects especially mosquitoes. Because you have limited power source, you can’t just plug in an electric mosquito killer. Sure, you can wear a mosquito-repellant lotion, but that would just make you feel super sticky due to sweat.

april perez camp avenue la union


Maybe it’s just Camp Avenue La Union and how dirty it has now become or maybe it’s the overall idea of camping that we just don’t like. We were uncomfortable during the whole stay and we were not even able to swim and enjoy the beach. We checked out hours before the usual schedule and opted to explore other places instead.

Let us know!

What are your thoughts about camping? Are you more into backpacking or do you prefer a little bit of luxury when it comes to traveling?

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